Future Superstars Of The Wwe

brandon crosswhiteContributor IJune 22, 2009

i am writing a list of every future wwe superstar and how many champonships they will hold during the carrer please feel free to comment.

1.cody rhodes-he is a second generation superstar and son of the legendary wwe hall of famer former NWA world champion the American dream dusty rhodes,cody rhodes will have a bright future when ever wwe lets him shine,he is already a 3time world tag team champion,i see him becoming the best face since stone cold steve austin he will become a 8time WWE champion,he will hold more tag team gold,he will hold both ic and us gold there maybe even a time where goes to TNA and becomes the TNA world champion but cody rhodes future is bright will in the wwe.

2.Randy orton-randy has has already has a good future in wwe becoming the youngest world champion in wwe history he has held both wwe/world championship gold he has beaten some of the best people,(undertaker,ric flair,john cena,and even the overrated triple h,jeff hardy the list goes on)he has had one of the best intercontinetal runs in recent memory he is the 2009 royal rumble winner and he has held tag team gold whats left for him i tell you what left he wants to be the best superstar no matter if he is face or heel he can pull it off but the end of his carrer he be a 12time world champion.

3.jeff hardy-jeff hardy a former wwe and world champion everybody said he couldnt do nobody belived in him he was never really popular until he went to TNA then he gain massive popularty then when he came back he was more wreckless more wild than ever and the fans went crazy.now jeff is also a multiple ic champion and he was in one of the best tag teams ever TEAM EXTREME hopefully we see them reunite but i see jeff taking some time off maybe going back to tna for a lil while,but whebn he returns he will be more popular than ever,he will be back in the spotlight he will be refreshed by the end of his carrer he will be a 10time world champion and hold a few more ic championships and maybe 3more tag team gold

4.ted dibiase-i dont really like this guy he is a 3rd generation superstar he is already overrated and people said he should end the undertaker undefeated streak at wrestlemaina nobody should,his dad is the legendary million dollar man future wwe hall of famer the dude that tried and buy the WWE championship ted dibiase SR,his future is bright he is already a 2time world tag team champion,he will hold alot of us and ic gold,and he wlll win money in the bank and become wwe champion by the end of his carrer he will be a 11time world champion hopefully not though cuz i dont like him

5.john cena-john cena he has alot of passion for this busniess and i can respect that he has already held every title except the ecw and the ic titles,he will hold a lot of world titles but i also see him help younger talent but by the end of his carrer he will be a 13time world champion.

6.jack swagger-the two time two time all american i never thought i would say he was the furture but this kid as really impressed me especially how good he did against cena,and christian.he is a former ECW world champion i see him getting drafting after he wins the ecw title once more then going to smackdown winning whatever secondary title on the show holding it forawhile feuding with the undertaker then put in the main event status by the end of his carrer he will hold the us title more than anybody he will hold tag team gold and he will be a 7time world champion

7.triple h-he is a 12time world champion he has done everything in the business but he one of those people who wont step down or pass the torch he will beat ric flair 16time world titles i dont really care much for him he needs to go back and reunite DX for good.by the end of his carrer he will be a 18ime world champion.

8.shawn michaels-the show stopper he is probaly one of the most underrated superstars he has not had alot of gold in his carrer but he doesnt need it i feel like he will win the world title one more time and he is a former wwe and world champion he has always help superstars,he will retire at next years wrestlemania which sucks by the end of his carrer hell he doesnt care about the world titles,

9.matt hardy-the former ECW champion and current jobber to umcoming talent he a former us champion he needs to be a face again he was so over with the fans and when he does i seee him winning money in the bank he is underrated 2.he is one half of the greatest tagteams in the world by the end of his carrer he will be a 7time orld champion

10.evan bourne-the next rey mysterio now he will never win the world championship like rey did but he will win the ECW world title the us and ic title and i see him and rey forming a tagteam but he eventually he will win money in the bank and cash it and become the new wwe champion-by the end of his carrer i say he will be a 5time world champion

11.christian cage-whenever they draft him to smackdown wwe will strike a gold mine because him and edge can make some historical macthes together and against eachother whenever vince quits being stubborn i see the former 2time NWA world champion,and ecw champion becoming a 11time world champion

12.edge-he is in his prime right now i just wish they would give him a longer titie reign then two months he is also one hlaf of the greatest tag teams in history i hope we can see him and christian reuinite but edge has done everything you could do in the business and he is still hungey for more gold by the end of his carrer he will be a 15time world champion

13.samoa joe-the former TNa world champion he wants to be at the top of the mountain and right now that is wwe,he can do so much for wwe he would make a awesome world champion and tag team champion f they bring back umaga but i see him becoming a 6time world champion if he comes to the WWE

14.maryse-if wwe can ever get serious with the women divison she can be on of the best diva heels in the business today she hot great on the mic the 2nd ever wwe divas champion i see her holding alot of women championships

15.beth pheonix-the glamazon reminds me of chyna i think she will be the second women ever to hold the ic champion ship she will hold the women title and divas title but i think she will become the ic champion.

16.santino-he is actually a good wrestler i just wish thy would quit using him as a joke i see him holding more us gold and ic gold with the help of beth but he will never become a world champion.

17.shelton-the gold standard he is so underrated just because he isnt good on the mic i see him moving to tna for a lil bit coming back with a different gimmick and becoming a 6time world champion he has been in every money in the bank he the best athlete in the world

18.john morrison -the former ecw world champion and the two time slammary winner will win money in the bank cash in become new wwe champion and hefrom there he will be in the world title picture

19.carlito-he is destined to hold a world title he is second generation he has so much to offer in the ring he has a good gimmick and he good on the mic he will be a 4time world champion

20.cm punk-i already dont like him he has had to much sucees in wwe and they have made him look like a weak champion except when he was ecw world champion he looked stong but from there they destroyed him he will be a 9time world champion

21.kofi kingston-the wwe savior,wwe has used him right by ot give him a world title just yet he brings prestiage to the secondary titles i see him first winning the ecw world title then being drafting to smackdown and winning the wwe title he will be a 7time world champion

ric flair-i see him becoming the general manager of raw because he just cant seem to go away.

well thats it for now leave comments if i left anybody out tell me