Sarah Spain Calls out ESPN's East Coast Bias, Knicks Fans on 'Numbers Never Lie'

Tristan ThornburghSocial Media StaffApril 25, 2014

via ESPN's Numbers Never Lie YouTube

Numbers Never Lie had espnW's Sarah Spain fill in for Jemele Hill on Friday's broadcast to discuss the NBA playoffs, among other topics.

As the discussion turned to "Should the Knicks be kicking themselves they didn't get the 8th seed?" Spain, a Chicagoan, argued the absurdity of the debate by pointing out that every team not in the playoffs likely wishes they were there. She added that this is the "East Coast bias that people talk about."

Spain's argument to Knicks fans, via Deadspin:

The Knicks are not playing, OK? I don't know if I've mentioned that I'm from Chicago, but this is the East Coast bias that people talk about. The NBA playoffs are going on, there's tons of match ups to talk about, there's actual teams playing in the playoffs, and you guys want to talk about whether the Knicks should be mad that they didn't make it, should be kicking themselves. Well, let me tell you something, Knicks fans, come here. Come here, Knicks fans. You're out. We're not gonna talk about you for a while. Just sit over there and wait 'til the playoffs are done, OK? Buh-bye.

Some awkward laughter and uncomfortable moments followed as the co-hosts were left speechless afterward.

[Numbers Never Lie's YouTube, h/t Deadspin]