Jacksonville Jaguars Fan Nation Loses a Friend

Tim McClellanCorrespondent IJune 22, 2009

I am normally more focused on expressing my opinions about the Jacksonville Jaguars and things happening with the team on a daily basis. Rarely do I diverge from that as my main focus.

However, over the weekend, the Jaguars lost a great fan, and I lost a friend and seat-mate at almost every mini-camp, training camp, or practice session over the past several years.

Frank "Fargin" Jordon was a hardcore fan and season ticket holder who was active on the Jaguars message board and had become an icon in our online community over the years. Sadly, he passed away on June 19, leaving behind a wife of more than 40 years and many grieving friends and family members.

He was a father, a grandfather, a man of deep faith, and a patriot who served his country for more than a quarter century in the United States Air Force. 

Frank had a gift for combining wit, intellect, and dry humor when he was following his team online through the Jaguars' official Web site. His contributions to virtual discussions were always must-reads, and in most cases you could see him giving a wink and a nod as he was clicking the submit button.

Each year when mini-camps would roll around, I could count on finding Frank perched in the usual location holding a spot for me so that we could catch up on things that were happening with our team and in the world.

In many instances, he would be the spotter that I would rely upon to catch things that I might miss. In most cases, he would provide entertaining commentary about what was happening on the field.

This year, we began our annual ritual at the beginning of May when we got an opportunity to kick off the new season. We mulled over the changes being made and discussed what we thought the end result of all the upheaval might be. 

We had a few good laughs, regrouped with our many online friends, and parted ways with a smile and a wave.

I traveled to Washington, D.C. last week on a trip with my daughter and her classmates. One of the stops on the tour was the Air Force Memorial monument. 

Three upward sweeping stainless steel columns (pictured above) highlighted the memorial which overlooks the Pentagon along the perimeter of Arlington National Cemetery.

For most on the stop, it was an opportunity to jump out and stretch their legs. But I wanted to get shots of the memorial to send to Frank when I returned to Jacksonville.  I knew that he would appreciate the sentiment and enjoy the view.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have lost one of their loyal fans. This nation has lost a true patriot. His family has lost a husband, father, grandfather, and son. We have lost a friend. His presence will be sorely missed by many.

God's speed, Frank.