WWE NXT Takeover: Early Preview, Spoilers and Predictions

David BixenspanFeatured ColumnistApril 25, 2014

Adrian Neville kicks Bo Dallas.
Adrian Neville kicks Bo Dallas.Credit: WWE.com

Last night in Winter Park, Florida, WWE announced the main matches for the WWE NXT Takeover special on WWE Network on May 29. If NXT Arrival is any indication, there will be a few more matches that aren't advertised, but the key bouts are, according to a WrestlingInc.com report from the tapings:

  • Adrian Neville (c) vs. Tyson Kidd for the NXT Championship.
  • Natalya vs. Charlotte for the vacant NXT Women's Championship.
  • Sami Zayn vs. Tyler Breeze in a title eliminator for a shot at the NXT Championship.

Tyson Kidd is the perfect opponent for Adrian Neville right now. Neville is an incredible high flyer, but often seems like he needs to be led by a more experienced opponent. If Cesaro was still in a holding pattern and could afford to lose, he'd be perfect. He's the best base for high flyers I've ever seen without an extensive lucha libre background and an incredible all-around performer, but he's now a protected star on the main roster with a big push.

Kidd is the next best thing. As much as he's always touted as a guy who's much more talented than his push, he's still somewhat underrated. He'd be able to take Neville's moves better than the vast majority of the wrestlers in WWE, has his own arsenal of flashy moves and should be able to carry his end of things really well. A great match in defeat would probably raise Kidd's stock, too, as he's on the main roster. You'd think he'd have more of a push thanks to Total Divas, but he's at the level of guys who only wrestle on Superstars.

He doesn't have the biggest personality in the world and he's not a great talker by a long shot, but he has a lot of in-ring charisma. That counts for more than most people might think. Stick him with a manager on the main roster, or in a tag team with someone who can talk, and he'd be a fine addition to the mid-card roster that appears on the two main weekly shows.

More so than Kidd is, Natalya is clearly Charlotte's opponent to carry the match. Charlotte is a tremendous athlete, but she's still green. I'd be shocked if she didn't win since she's on NXT and Natalya is a featured performer on the main roster and Total Divas. It's an interesting test to see where both women are at in the ring, and, like her husband, Natalya can gain standing with a strong performance even if she's there to make Charlotte look good.

It's also a battle of two second generation—well, Natalya is third generation—wrestlers, as Natalya's father is Jim Neidhart and Charlotte's father is Ric Flair. Natalya's uncle, is Bret Hart, who was rivals with Flair both in and out of the ring. It's a nice way to add underlying tension, and WWE barely even has to acknowledge it.

Zayn-Breeze is an interesting match to determine to top contender. If they're building to a showcase match on another special, Zayn is the guy who would have the best match with Neville. He would also gain a lot by winning the title. If the direction is a long-term feud, then Breeze is the right guy—a showy heel character who needs a chance to grow in the spotlight. Both are valid choices, it just depends on where NXT is going after Takeover.

After how great NXT Arrival was, I'm really looking forward to Takeover.


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