Knockouts Vs Diva's

Lamar BoltonContributor IJune 22, 2009

Caught the TNA show tonight , pretty good show . I wasn't really wild about the ending but that's another article I'll write later. Right now , I'm going to beat a subject to death that I have done before . When TNA  lost Gail Kim and Roxxi I thought that the heart had been cut out . based on what I saw tonight , I couldn't hve been more wrong .

Slamiversry , one of the bigger PPV was tonight and one of the more twisted bookings was a coed monster's ball match with Raven partnering up with the twisted Daffney against the Monster Abyss and Taylor Wilde . With Roxxi being gone , I didnt  see Wilde as the Hardcore type to get through a match like this, boy was I wrong .

Taylor made herself into a human missile , did a splash off of a speaker on the stage , threw Daffney on a big bag of thumbtacks , stop ME if this sounds like anything a WWE Diva would do. Miss Wilde stepped up for the company and became the Hardcore bitch that TNA needs . it further backs up the fact  that the knockouts rule and the Diva's are just fluff.