WWE Programming's Best Match for Week of April 26

Brad JonesFeatured ColumnistApril 26, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

In a middling week that didn't do a great deal to inspire confidence that Extreme Rules will live up to the excellent WrestleMania 30, a few matches shone through while many fell flat.


Honourable Mentions

For all the slow build to the dissolution of the Real Americans and the huge potential of pitting Paul Heyman against Zeb Colter, it's difficult to imagine that the match between Jack Swagger and Cesaro on SmackDown will be their last encounter—but it's a promising sign of things to come.

Cesaro is one of the most consistently entertaining in-ring performers in WWE at the moment, and while Swagger has his fair share of detractors, he can still put on a show when he has good competition to work with.

It's always slightly unnerving to see a hot prospect go up against John Cena, but his feud with Bray Wyatt is thus far producing its fair share of memorable moments—and Wyatt, as of yet, hasn't found himself being completely undermined by the leader of the Cenation.

Cena may have come out on top via disqualification when he faced the entire Wyatt clan in a handicap match on Raw, but it'll be Wyatt's bizarre singing and dancing that linger in the minds of the audience more than the result itself—and that could prove to be just as important for someone playing the role that he is.


Match of the Week for April 26: Sheamus vs. Bad News Barrett on Monday Night Raw

The tournament to decide the new No. 1 contender to Big E's Intercontinental title hasn't been perfect, but it has resulted in some great matches—the opening bout of this week's instalment of Raw perhaps being the best thus far.

The bout was a very physical affair that took full advantage of the excellent chemistry the two share, no doubt in part due to their extensive history together. The very vocal crowd also played their part in making this a very exciting match to watch, and it's a shame that the rest of this week's Raw couldn't quite live up to its momentum.

The match really began firing on all cylinders once it entered its final stretch, and both men began unleashing some of their signature moves. A couple of well-timed counters and some gripping near-falls raised the stakes, and a big crossbody from Sheamus that sent them both over the top sent things into overdrive.

However, it wasn't long before Barrett implemented his Bullhammer Elbow and sealed Sheamus' fate, a rather fitting end to a hard-hitting match.

This is exactly the sort of contest that will elevate the Intercontinental title, as well as reminding audiences that Barrett has quite some chops in the ring as well as on the microphone.

Did another match stand out for you this week? Perhaps one of the shorter matches airing on Main Event? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.