300,000 Panini World Cup Stickers Stolen in Daring Heist

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300,000 Panini World Cup Stickers Stolen in Daring Heist

Got, got, need... steal? In what we can only imagine was an elaborate Italian Job-style heist, thieves in Rio de Janeiro stole a van carrying 300,000 Panini World Cup stickers.

Thieves made off with some 300,000 of the adhesive stickers featuring players who will appear in the forthcoming World Cup finals in Brazil which start in June, according to local press reports on Thursday.

Don't worry though, Brazilian sticker collectors. Panini have acted fast to ease your fears in a statement:

Panini can state that the city of Rio de Janeiro is well supplied and there is no shortage of official Panini products for sale.

We understand the frustration of not having a full set, but stealing more than a quarter-million seems a bit of a drastic measure.


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