5 Things Ryan Giggs Can Do to 'Put the Smiles Back On' Man Utd Fans' Faces

Ryan Bailey@ryanjaybaileyFeatured ColumnistApril 25, 2014

5 Things Ryan Giggs Can Do to 'Put the Smiles Back On' Man Utd Fans' Faces

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    Ryan Giggs held his first press conference as Manchester United interim manager on Friday morning, and the Welshman was met with near-universal praise. United legend Paddy Crerand, for example, seems to believe he deserves the full-time job based on his first media interaction, despite not having managed a single game. 

    Giggs earned plenty of goodwill in the presser by insisting that his side will play beautiful football while having a super happy fun time. He also promised that his new regime would "put the smiles back on fans' faces," as per the Guardian

    Here are five ways Giggsy can fulfil his promise of turning those Old Trafford frowns upside down...

Make a 'The Hairy One' Banner

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    Much has been made of David Moyes' "The Chosen One" banner, erected to show that Fergie ordained his place in the Manchester United dynasty from on high.

    After the home defeat to Manchester City last month, a security team was dispatched to stop angry fans pulling it down, but the club finally did the job themselves this week. 

    Rather than throw the banner away, why not update it? Replace the word "chosen" with "hairy" and paint over the Moyes silhouette with one of Giggs removing his shirt after that famous FA Cup goal against Arsenal

Invent a Time Machine

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    The past 10 months have not been enjoyable for Red Devils fans: They've had to suffer the indignity of watching their team lose some games they thought they might win, just like the vast majority of other football fans in the world. 

    Giggs has already worked out how to switch from winger to central midfielder to interim manager, so working out how to build a time machine can't be that much more complex. In an ideal world, he would get in the DeLorean, gun it to 88 and head back to last summer to make sure Sir Alex puts in a call to Mr. Mourinho rather than Mr. Moyes.

    To help improve the team, he could also use the time machine to go back and get Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand and Patrice Evra from 10 years ago to bring them back to today.

Bring Back the Entire Class of '92

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    At his press conference, Giggs joked that his first act as manager would be to award himself a new five-year contract

    If he really wishes to abuse his power for the purpose of nostalgia, he could bring back the entire Class of '92 gang. Not just as coaches—he's already started doing that—but as players. 

    Imagine the glee in the stands if David Beckham came back for another season or Paul Scholes un-retired for the 46th time. Even the likes of Colin McKee, Kevin Pilkington, Graeme Tomlinson and other Fergie Fledglings that people don't care about any more could be brought back for the last four games (maybe leave Robbie Savage at home, though).

    There's not much to lose this season, so why not treat the last few games as money-spinning legends games?   

Pull Some College-Style Pranks on Premier League Rivals

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    If there's one thing to be learned from films set in American college campuses, it's that nothing raises team spirit quite like pranking the rivals.

    To this end, perhaps Giggs and his staff could break into Eastlands at night and steal Manchester City's terrible mascots, Moonchester and Moonbeam.

    Maybe they could go streaking at Arsenal's London Colney training ground while Arsene Wenger runs after them shaking his fist, Benny Hill-style. Or they could get into Brendan Rodgers' head by breaking into his house and stealing his most valued possession: his magnificent portrait of Brendan Rodgers.   

    After Fergie pulled the prank of hiring Moyes on Manchester United, it's time that the fans were on the enjoyable end of some high jinks. 

Don't Lose to Norwich

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    For all the charm and optimism he has exuded in his press conference, there is one thing that Giggs can do to truly make the fans happy: Don't get beaten by Norwich.

    Also, try to play some vaguely entertaining football against the Canaries—it's been quite a while since the Old Trafford faithful has seen that. 


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