Fixing the Denver Nuggets: Trade Street Ball to Play Street Ball!

Jeremy FoyContributor IApril 29, 2008

Seeing how DEN lost four straight, they need to do something to there line-up, but it is not as drastic as people may think.

All they need is a young point guard -Telfair- to take pressure off of AI, during the first 3 Q's and if it gets too rough for Telfair in the fourth hand it to Mello, or AI.

They were being shifted down a gear with the old point guard play in Carter this past year. Looking at who is on the Nugg's starting line-up, AI= street, Mello= street, K-Mart= street, and Camby= Street, why would you not give them a street PG? No they get an 9 year Veteran to play classic fundimentals? That's not right. Bring in Telfair!!

Telfair is an explosive player that will create a better tempo game and has better sence of "street"- play to read the court differently then Anthony Carter.

The T-Wolves have seen that Foye and McCants, and also Marko Jaric, can play together. Also with a few high draft picks to come they want to create a new image.

Sebastian Telfiar will be a wonderfull fit in Denver and I think it will make the game fun for the others and they will create team chemistry better then the past few years.