It's All Over The Minneapolis Media Brett Favre Signs with Vikings

Dan BasilContributor IJune 22, 2009

Minneapolis, Minn.—It's all over the Twin Cities news wires today that Brett Favre has signed a contract with the Minnesota Vikings. Based purely on rumor and speculation, has posted the Vikings and Favre have already signed a deal for the quarterback to play during the 2009-10 season.

Confessing their sources as "unusual" (and unnamed) and not from the world of sports, the website known for breaking speculative news went out on a limb yesterday, confirming that a contractual agreement has been inked between the two parties.

Somewhat spontaneously, Bus Cook, Favre's agent, denied the report yesterday afternoon, saying there is "no contract" between his client (Brett Favre) and the Minnesota Vikings. The denial was reported by the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

All being said, we found this Favre Vikings jersey for sale on the website, which coincidentally has a Minneapolis area code as a contact phone number for the company.

Which brings us here at Bleacher Report to ponder one last question: How would Reebok, the Minnesota Vikings, the NFL, and Brett Favre be able to authorize the production and sale of this jersey without a contract?

Now, Tuesday, June 23rd, Mark Rosen, a Sportscaster for CBS affiliate WCCO TV breaks a story stating that the deal is done with Favre and the Vikings. Rosen claims to have a source on the inside and sited the Equipment Manager has already ordered number 4 jerseys with his (Favre's) name on them.

This rumor is just waiting to happen...