Killing Them Softly: Shock Value Has Been Made Worthless!

Sulayman H.Senior Writer IJune 22, 2009

This will be my last article on Bleacher Report as I have no more patience for any of you urchins and your soul crushing, mindless criticism of my rather excellent work; to say that my experience at B/R has been positive would be the greatest insult to honest people everywhere.

I've got your attention, haven't I?

For those that widened their eyes at every word that I wrote, you might as well drag your mouse to the little cross on the top right corner of your browser and click the wretched red button of doom.

In sports entertainment's vast history, it isn't hard to find similarities between certain feuds and people can point out recycled segments and promos cut by superstars from time to time.

In a program that will now stretch to the three hour limit, Monday Night Raw has a lot to live up to and providing quality entertainment for the masses is no easy feat.

Ask Vince McMahon and he'll tell you that it's easier to play the shock card, or in this case, the 'Trump' card.

The aftergasm of the Denver Debacle left Vince McMahon wanting more press. It has always been his aim to gain attention from mainstream media and it is likely that he does not care what kind of attention he is given, only that he gets it.

Let's wind the clocks back to the beginning of the year, where we were witnessing the supposed rebirth of WWE as all of the trains were on track to Wrestlemania.

Since then, the major championships have changed hands so many times; sometimes to fall into the hands of fan favorites and at others, to the villains of the WWE.

A quick title change at any PPV is sure to generate interest in the aftermath of the aforementioned title change.

It thus creates interest in the three major brands of the WWE: Raw, Smackdown and ECW which of course helps them garner ratings.

People will tune in no matter what, because some have undying faith in the WWE whereas others just want to get a glimpse of their favorites in the squared circle.

I tune in to see how further the creative team will try to reach in the magical bag of non sensical storylines and to be honest, I'm amazed every week.

I don't mean to go off a rant, trust me when I say that I have no gripe with the  WWE in its entirety.

But, it seems to me that PPVs are booked in response to a drop in ratings; everytime Vince reportedly blows a gasket, he does something outrageous to regain our attention like giving an injured superstar a major championship despite being well informed of his injuries.

Gaining attention seems to be Vince's new fix, regardless of whether the feedback is positive or negative, in this case it being mostly negative.

And with the latest stunt that was pulled at last week's show in order to give us a commercial free Raw (which could have just been announced by USA network in a press conference), it seems that McMahon is desperate to cling to fans that are steadily decreasing in numbers.

In storylines, there may come a point of climax or a huge shock to the audience which is always welcome if it is presented within the confines of the program and as long as there is minimum suspension of disbelief.

What we have here, is a bad case of repetition which is akin to having too much of a good thing to the point that it becomes expected, bland and boring.

The creative team, along with Vince McMadman have successfully achieved just that.

The shock factor has become valueless.

It will, nonetheless generate little to negligible interest in the product, but in the long haul, it does nothing to elevate the program and or its feuds.

It instead forces you to tune in this week to find out the ramifications of Donald Trump's "hostile" takeover and make you wonder who the new general manager of Raw will be if that position of power hasn't already been deemed obsolete.

I'm sure many of us in the community will be discussing this very topic and it will generate reads and comments and perhaps a few arguments.

I'll be looking for something worth watching instead.

Go ahead, rate it/hate it.