Paige: The Importance of Holding Both WWE Divas and NXT Women's Titles

Sebastian Maldonado@!/SebastianTSUFeatured ColumnistApril 25, 2014

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Ladies and gentlemen: Introducing the current NXT Women’s Champion, Paige!

Paige, the self-proclaimed “Anti-Diva,” became the inaugural champion, defeating Emma in an eight-woman tournament on June 30, 2013. She hasn't lost since, holding that title for nearly ten months.

Ironically enough, this didn't turn out to be the biggest moment of her career.

The 21-year-old champion surprised the WWE universe by appearing on the April 7 edition of Raw, where she congratulated then-champion AJ Lee. However, Lee took offense and challenged Paige to a match. AJ straight out put her Divas title on the line, which ultimately was a huge mistake.

Paige caught Lee with the Paige Turner and made the cover for the three count. Not only did Paige end AJ’s dominant reign as Divas champion, but she also became the youngest champion in the title’s history.

Paige holds both titles at the same time, an absolutely momentous occasion for the young wrestler. In fact, it’s history in the making for women’s wrestling. When was the last time a woman held two titles consecutively on national television?

This accomplishment is also instrumental in the fledgling women’s division, with current and prospective WWE Divas’ careers hanging in the balance. The entire division, which was on life support, received a much-needed jolt by Paige’s earned titles.

Fathom the importance, wrestling fans, of Paige holding both the NXT Women’s and WWE Divas Championships.

Granted, Paige was forced to give up the NXT Women's Title by John Bradshaw Layfield. She held those titles consecutively for three weeks. However, it was well worth it.

The rookie champion is now spotlighted on a national level. Fans of NXT know what she’s about; she’s the golden child of the minor-league WWE program. WWE fans should be salivating to see what Paige is capable of in a WWE ring on the main stage.

It’s a win-win situation for all sides. Paige gets more notoriety, but it means more for the division.

AJ dominated the Divas Division as champion, keeping the threats of “Total Divas” and her other enemies at bay. The division needed a fresh face, a new threat to keep the rest of the Divas on notice. A young upstart winning a title will provide fresh matches and new storylines to garner fans’ interests.

NXT gets a bigger platform than they ever imagined. Here we thought they would get a little shout out as the B-brand. Now, one of their own is on the main roster holding a title. More fans will discover and want to look back at Paige’s road to glory. They’ll also stick around for the consistent matches from that same roster.

Lastly, the title never struck more important than AJ’s “pipe-bomb” on the “Total Divas” cast on August 26. The only difference is the lasting impact between the two events.

Paige holding both titles consecutively is an integral moment that will stand the test of time. Despite the brief time, what’s important is the effect it will have on the Divas’ division and how wrestling fans will remember it.

Paige is the most important Diva the WWE has had in decades. And her reign has only just begun.