Someone Needs To Update Wikipedia About Rich Rodriguez

michelle wvsportslinkContributor IApril 29, 2008

Yea, so while surfing the web I read the info on Wikipedia.

That information must be updated to what is current and the facts.

See, there is no way you can scream at the people at West Virgina anymore for trashing the low life rodthefraud

because see the facts are out there and they can not as hard as you want be disputed.

1. Rich Rodriguez is a liar.

2. Rich Rodriguez is a drama king.

3. Rich Rodriguez is a con man.

4. Rich Rodriguez is a great actor.

5. Rich Rodriguez is a cry baby.

6. Rich Rodriguez is not going through mid-life crisis.

7. Rich Rodriguez is a traitor.

8. Rich Rodriguez is a back stabber.

9. Rich Rodriguez is a gold digger.

10. Rich Rodriguez is no good.

Feel free to add anything I may have missed below.

As well, it is NOT defamation of character when it is the FACTS.  When you speak the 100% truth.  When you tell it how it is.   There you have it.  By the way, you men on bleacherreport need to get over yourself and the fact that I am a girl and I will continue to post my opinions on this site.  I know many of you are like total haters of women and by the way stop cheating and changing my tags so that my blogs do not get hits just because once again you hate my blogs then stay away and do not read  them.