Hawks-Celtics: Atlanta Runs Their Mouths and Backs It Up!

Paul SalmanSenior Analyst IApril 29, 2008

Many Celtics fans were ready to take it to these young Hawks after game 3 trash talking. Some like Bottomless Chips were ready to place their first bet of the season on the nine point favorite Celtics. All the "experts" said that Al Horford was dumb for setting off "The Truth."

Those killer instincts of Paul Pierce that everyone thought would be on display were missing last night. The Truth proved to be a Lie.

Things started out the way everyone thought they would with the Celtics opening up a 16-3 lead. Many young teams would fold at this point. Well this young team fought back, and went into the locker room with a 51-48 lead at half.

Horford did receive a $25,000 fine for his antics in game 3, but he did light a fire under his young teammates. The Hawks may not, and probably will not win this series, but they are definitely here to play.

Maybe they can use the 2007 Golden State Warriors as their inspiration for a huge first round upset.

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