Mount Rushmore Of Wrestling: Mount McMahon

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IJune 22, 2009

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln are all are Mount Rushmore for the contribution they made to keeping our country the best in the world and they are the foundation of this great country.

Who are the foundation of the wrestling world?

Who are the four man that deserve to be on Mount McMahon?


There will be thirty-two wrestlers and you will vote for four of them to be the four faces of Mount McMahon.

The four will be our founding fathers of wrestling.

Let the voting get underway:

Shawn Michaels

Pedro Morales

Harley Race

Bret Hart

Steve Austin

Roddy Piper

The Rock

Triple H

Chris Jericho


Bruno Sammartino

Buddy Rogers

Ric Flair

Kurt Angle

Hulk Hogan

Ricky Steamboat

Mr. Perfect

Andre the Giant

Peter Mavia

Eddie Guerrero

Nick Bockwinkel

Terry Funk


Dusty Rhodes

Verne Gagne


Randy Orton

Randy Savage

Freddie Blassie

Lou Thesz

John Cena

Go out and vote for your top eight......

Do you think someone is missing and if yes convince me and I will add someone