WWE Extreme Rules 2014: Most Likely Heel and Face Turns at Event

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistApril 24, 2014

WWE Extreme Rules 2014: Most Likely Heel and Face Turns at Event

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    Like any other pay-per-view, Extreme Rules is likely to provide us with plenty of twists and surprises in terms of what happens inside the ring.

    While there will likely be championship changes and new rivalries born out of the events that occur at Extreme Rules, there are sure to be some face and heel turns, too.

    We are certain to see some turns at the 2014 edition of Extreme Rules, as some existing feuds swerve in catastrophic fashion.

    Let's take a look at five of the most likely face and heel turns that could happen at Extreme Rules.

Sheamus Turns Heel

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    We begin with a guy who, although not guaranteed to turn heel, probably needs it more than anyone else on the roster.

    Sheamus has been on a steady decline over the last year or so, and his babyface turn some time ago—coupled with a lack of serious action—has turned him incredibly stale.

    In all honesty, Sheamus was a brilliant heel when he first burst onto the scene in the WWE—think back to his rivalry with Triple H at WrestleMania, for example.

    Having him interfere in a match such as the WWE World Heavyweight Championship bout and turning him heel would instantly throw him into a rivalry of substance—and as a heel, too.

    It doesn't even have to be the title match. It could be anywhere across the card. All that is certain is that Sheamus needs this heel turn badly.

AJ Lee Turns Babyface

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    She's been absent from the WWE for a few weeks now. Is the company keeping AJ Lee off the screen to launch her into a new, fresh rivalry?

    She has been a heel for a prolonged period of time, but with her ally Tamina Snuka fighting for the Divas Championship at Extreme Rules, may she return to impact the outcome of the match?

    Admittedly, it is not the most likely turn that we are going to see at Extreme Rules. However, with a real reason for Lee to have a say in who wins this match, we could well see her return in some capacity.

    Whether it is as a babyface, though, depends on how the WWE plans to play out the next few months in the Divas division.

Dean Ambrose Turns Heel

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    It's been suggested that The Shield are going to split for months—yet it still hasn't happened.

    In fact, they have gone almost in the opposite direction in that period of time, turning babyface and looking as united as ever.

    But could an implosion be on the horizon at Extreme Rules?

    If it is, expect Dean Ambrose to be the man who causes it. With the group operating as babyfaces, the only realistic option would be turning Ambrose. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins look like guys who belong as face characters, so they should stay as they are.

    However, the demonic, twisted attitude that Ambrose has makes him a perfect heel. Could he be the guy who has been working for The Authority all along?

Cesaro Turns Babyface

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    Arguably the most intriguing guy heading into Extreme Rules is Cesaro. He's in the midst of a real push at this moment in time—but there is a little bit of a problem developing.

    Cesaro is rapidly developing into a guy who is neither a face nor a heel. In terms of getting the crowd to buy into your character, that is not a good place to be in.

    Therefore, some rapid developments need to occur at Extreme Rules. With Cesaro booked to go against his former tag partner Jack Swagger at the show, a face turn is not exactly impossible.

    However, it is important the WWE get fully behind it—and maybe even consider moving him away from Paul Heyman after such a short time together.

Cesaro Turns Heel

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    Of course, there is another option when it comes to Cesaro that may be a much easier option to pull off successfully.

    With Heyman by his side—and constantly bragging about Brock Lesnar's success at WrestleMania XXX—go down the route of turning Cesaro fully heel.

    It's not like the fans wouldn't appreciate that patented swing—after all, they did it when he was part of The Real Americans.

    He's been a heel before—in fact, he's been an incredibly good heel before. His run as United States champion was one of the better title reigns in recent years when it comes to that belt.

    If it comes to turning Cesaro heel or babyface, perhaps going down the heel route would be the best option overall.