How Many Sports Bucket List Items Have You Accomplished?

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterApril 28, 2014

How Many Sports Bucket List Items Have You Accomplished?

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    AJ Mast

    If given the chance, our sports experiences would be pretty darn epic.  

    What follows is just a brief list of some incredibly cool experiences that, given a chance, we would love to enjoy before we pass on from this world.   

    Now I must note that this is one man's bucket list, filled with the entirely plausible as well as the wholly improbable. There is one that I have thankfully crossed off my list and a ton more that will more than likely stay unfinished. Sad, I know. 

    For the sake of intrigue, we have also tried to eliminate the obvious like the Super Bowl, which we still say is better enjoyed at home. 

    With that, let's delve into some bucket list items, some wacky, some interesting and all a good time. Feel free to offer your own in the comments section or sound off on any that you may have been able to do. 

    Billy Crystal, we are looking at you. 

Attend an Olympics

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    Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

    The cynical sports fan in me always thought the Olympics would be a crowded mess to attend and not nearly worth all the trouble. 

    I was wrong. 

    Yes, attending the Olympics is one of the items I can now cross off my sports bucket list. Hopefully, it's not the last. 

    Of course, attending the Sochi Games meant a great deal of worry. I quickly found out that there was hardly a safer place than the Olympic Village this winter, and hardly a more enjoyable experience. 

    It's really the only sports event that garners so much passionate fandom without the negativity that normally comes with sports rivalries. Countries win and lose; but the fans cheer no matter the outcome. 

    It's incredibly sappy and cheesy, but when you leave, you don't care. It's that damn enjoyable. 

Tennis in Dubai

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    Throw this in the pile of "Nope!" with other extreme sports videos like BASE jumping and wingsuit soaring. Having a particular aversion to heights, I was always intrigued by this video featuring Andre Agassi and Roger Federer. 

    Consider this my "If I had the courage to play tennis on top of a helipad, I totally would" entry. 

    This is merely to note that on one day, there was a tennis court on top of the world, and it would have been mighty awesome to have been there. 

Perfect Game

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    Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

    Seriously, how amazing would this be?

    Unfortunately, you can't exactly plan for this sort of thing. It just sort of happens, which is what would make it so impressive to take in live. 

    I have been at some no-hitters that were ruined late in the game, each with their own respective mounting pressure that builds throughout the contest. 

    It would be like a New Year's Eve countdown—only you aren't exactly sure if the clock will hit midnight. When it does, there is nothing but absolute jubilant bedlam.

An at-Bat with Your Favorite Team

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    Billy Crystal got to take some hacks in a Yankees uniform back in 2008...I want to be Billy Crystal. 

    Sure, it might take decades of being one of the most recognizable faces in comedy, with team loyalty being just as well-documented along the way. 

    All the hard work would be worth it the second you grab a bat, head into the batter's box and stare down an actual big league pitcher. 

    At that point, even a foul ball would be sweet, sweet icing. 

Meet Vin Scully

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    For you it might be some other legendary sportscaster or professional athlete superstar. Go ahead and replace that person with Vinny here. 

    For me, there is nobody more interesting or delightful than Dodgers announcer Vin Scully, who has been rocking the mic for 65 years, delivering stories and coloring the franchise's games just as well as the iconic Dodger blue. 

    If ever there was a brain worth picking, well, it would have to be Scully's 

Play Pebble Beach

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    It's probably a good thing that we don't have the funds to play the iconic course at Pebble Beach, because there aren't enough golf balls in the world to supply that round. 

    Our normal duffing around the links would be greatly and hilariously exacerbated by the course, but we don't care. This is the dream right here, folks. 

    Give us a shot and we will bring an unlimited number of mulligans for a breathtaking round of golf. 

Cheese Tumbling or Something Equally Dumb

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    Consider this a crazy catch-all, a slide that really encompasses any and all events that touch the line that separates sport and completely ridiculous human shenanigans.

    Just once we would like to attend and chat with the people who think this stuff is a good idea, because it sounds like a laugh.  

    We might like to fuel up on beer and watch people tumble down a perfectly good hill after a perfectly round piece of cheese as you see in this video, or we might want to take in some shin-kicking craziness. 

    If that doesn't tickle your fancy, maybe you would like to say you once saw people carry their wives for glory

    The point here is to do something so dumb that it's actually quite entertaining, because life is short and horrible ideas oftentimes yield the best stories. 

    With that, we may have to sign up for the World Series of Beer Pong or the Rock Paper Scissors Championships

Perform Wrigley's 'Take Me out to the Ballgame'

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    If you aren't aware how special the song "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" is at Wrigley Field, this video narrated by Jim Belushi does a fantastic job of explaining it. 

    For a brief moment, even those of us who can't carry a tune might just lead a chorus of thousands. We might suggest getting the name of the field correct, though. 

Spend a Day with the Stanley Cup

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    Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

    If only inanimate sports trophies could talk. 

    Yahoo Sports' Greg Wyshynski once broke down some of the craziest places the Stanley Cup has been to over the years, changing hands between respective champions who get to enjoy victory in their own particular way. 

    From the Kentucky Derby to the bottom of Mario Lemieux's pool, the cup has seen some things. 

    It would be pretty epic to have the trophy for a day and take it on our own adventures. Although, we would probably just drink beer from it, which doesn't sound bad until you consider this thing's history. 


Party Like the Elite at the Kentucky Derby

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    Andy Lyons/Getty Images

    Speaking of the Kentucky Derby, we can't imagine a more posh and absurdly fashionable event that actually sounds like a great time. 

    It's like highbrow partying with none of the leftover stuffiness and ego. OK, there may be a ton of ego, but that's why they invented mint juleps, the perfect way to rinse down all the money you spent getting there and the small fortune you invested in fancy clothes and rather large hats.  

Walk Augusta at the Masters

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    We are convinced that they play with the coloring on the presentation each and every year for the Masters, because no place can be that beautiful. 

    Grant us access, because we are dying to find out for ourselves, taking in all the iconic holes and spots that featured some of the sport's more legendary shots. 

    Really, we just want an excuse to load up on cheap egg salad sandwiches

Ringside at a Marquee Boxing Match

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    Jeff Gross/Getty Images

    Boxing is a sport that just translates so well to television. You get to actually take in the subtle nuances and appreciate each and every last jab and miss, savoring the ability to watch highlights and, nowadays, DVR. 

    Of course, this all changes when you are afforded the kind of seats that should come with a warning that blood and sweat may be headed your way. 

    There is something so fantastic about knowing you have nearly as good a view of the fight as the cutman. 

Compete in 'Ninja Warrior'

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    Really, we just want to try this in our backyard, far away from cameras. 

    We aren't saying that we welcome the public humiliation that comes with failing at an over-sized version of Mouse Trap. However, we want to just once try out this amazing course for ourselves. 

    Better yet, this sounds like the kind of thing that demands buddies and a keg of beer—as well as someone sober enough to call for an ambulance. 

Any Game 7, Any Sport

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    We are saving the more obvious for just a second, but we really like the idea of adding any and all opportunities to see an actual Game 7. 

    This is the kind of event that really does cross all sports lines, allowing even the most lackluster of fans to enjoy it. I don't care if it's a first-round NBA clash or a World Series drama unfolding; the point is that truly remarkable things happen in Game 7s, and it would be an amazing live experience. 

    AskMen compiled a list of some of the best ones over the years, including the 2004 Red Sox triumph, which continues to give MLB fans outside of New York goosebumps. Those in Manhattan, that's nausea you are feeling. 

The Usual Suspects

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    Clive Mason/Getty Images

    Of course, we simply have to mention the obvious ones you see in similar lists, because they may as well land on our own bucket list somewhere. 

    Needing to cross some of these off the list might not be original, but it is indeed well worth your time. If you can say you did any of these, you are having a better time than most of us: 

    • Attend the Super Bowl 
    • Represent your country at the World Cup
    • Enjoy tennis responsibly at Wimbledon
    • Run with the bulls in Spain, along with thousands of other nuts
    • Attend the Rose Bowl