Charles Barkley Counters Celtics' Jared Sullinger, Tells Him to Stay off Twitter

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 Charles Barkley doesn’t take no mess, especially when it’s the playoffs and your team is sitting at home.

It might only be the first round, but the Inside the NBA analyst is already in finals form. He’s arguing with Shaquille O’Neal, dropping one-liners and taking zero prisoners in his usual contrarian style.

If you tangle with Chuck, you’re eventually going to get burned—a fact Jared Sullinger learned the hard way Wednesday night.

Barkley and O’Neal were neck-deep in their ongoing Dwight Howard debate when the 22-year-old Boston Celtics forward tweeted out a message about the two analysts. He thought it was funny how Barkley never agreed with anything O’Neal said.

Sullinger had no idea that he’d rattled Sir Charles’ cage with his casual observation.

Co-caster Ernie Johnson read Sullinger’s tweet out loud on the air, prompting Barkley to prickle and retaliate predictably.

Ben Watanabe of Fox Sports spotted video of the ensuing bluster, which involved Barkley throwing weapons-grade shade the young forward’s way.

“First of all, we should not be showing tweets from guys who do not make the playoffs,” Barkley said. “Jared, don’t be tweeting if you don’t make the playoffs.”

Boom. Toasty.

Sullinger later admitted defeat:

Be on the lookout for more Barkley gems as the playoffs progress. The man is a quote machine, and he’s not going to sit there and let some kid out of Ohio State call him out on his show.

On the Twitters. Don't shade me, Chuck.

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