Who Will Step Up to Challenge The Klitschko Brothers?

Jared GilkersonContributor IJune 22, 2009

Wladimir Klitschko does it again. TKO victory before the start of the 10th round against Ruslan Chagaev. Every now and then Chagaev would make his way inside and land a few good shots, but just didn't do it enough, plus Klitschko's jab and straight right were too much for Chagaev to overcome.

So the 100 million dollar question remains...Who will challenge the Klitschko brothers?

Wladimir has had a suspect jaw in the past and Vitali is getting up there in age. Even though Vitali has had a hard time staying healthy over the years and isn't getting any younger I believe he is the #1 heavyweight in the world and almost unbeatable.

He has only lost twice, once the Chris Byrd because of a shoulder injury and to hall of famer Lennox Lewis. Oh and did I mention that he was winning on the judges scorecards when that one was stopped because of a cut over his eye?

So let's get to what I'm driving at...Wladimir still has that glass jaw.

He has lost to Lamon Brewster, Corrie Sanders and Ross Puritty. Yeah that's right, those three fighters. Not exactly the same caliber of fighters that his brother has lost to.

So how do you beat him? Someone that can put the pressure on him from the opening bell. Someone that can throw him off his game and never let him find a rhythm.

I don't know who that man will be, but I believe it will happen sooner than later.

Any thoughts on who you think it will be?