Who's the Hack Now, Tyler?

Right Field BleachersCorrespondent IJune 22, 2009

As a blogger, you’ll quickly find that to be even mildly interesting you have to have opinions and sometimes those opinions will make you look stupid. For example, I predicted David Ortiz would be the AL MVP last year… Well, along those same lines of epically horrible takes, I think it’s a good time to point out Tyler’s post on Casey McGehee from this spring.

To be fair, Tyler said he didn’t really have any concrete reasons to dream of a Brewers roster devoid of McGehee. The rookie just rubbed him the wrong way, wasn’t one of his irrationally adored scrubs (see: Nelson, Brad and Rottino, Vinny) and had an annoying name. No one (including myself) jumped to McGehee’s defense, save a couple overzealous fans from Casey’s hometown. But I think it’s time to give the former waiver wire addition some much-deserved props.

The Brewers have not been playing great baseball lately (not even in that three-game sweep of the Tribe), but McGehee has been shining.

In close to 100 plate appearances this season, McGehee is hitting .349 with a .414 OBP and .500 slugging (.914 OPS). Yeah, he’s not THAT good, but this is the same guy Tyler was literally begging to not make the team as Spring Training got underway. The 26 year old is proving to be more than adequate offensively, including putting up some remarkably consistent splits (.340 against righties, .345 against lefties).

Aside from his contributions at the plate, McGehee has been a solidifying defensive addition as well. The former Cub, who played exactly seven games at second base in the minors and zero in the majors before this season, has played 15 games at second this year and has more than held his own while becoming a regular in the everyday line-up. He has also played a handful of games at third base, a couple at designated hitter and even logged an inning in right field.

Does McGehee’s production make up for the loss of Rickie Weeks for the year? It’s hard to say, but unlikely. Rickie was on pace for a hell of a year. But McGehee has certainly helped ease the pain. The guy has been an outstanding addition to the team and has more than earned my respect (maybe even Tyler’s?). In fact, he’s quickly becoming one of my favorite guys on the team to root for.