5 Areas Orlando Magic Must Upgrade This Offseason

Zach Gilliland@@ZachGilliland93Featured ColumnistApril 25, 2014

5 Areas Orlando Magic Must Upgrade This Offseason

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    Even though things didn't go as planned this year for Orlando, there's always the inevitable hope for next season. For Orlando to make a playoff run, there are five areas that must be upgraded this offseason.

    The Magic must improve their defense and post play, but also need to find an explosive scorer. Player development and point guard play also need to improve.

    Here are the five areas the Magic must upgrade this offseason.


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    The Magic were 17th in the league in points allowed this season, so the defense must improve. However, there’s definitely room for hope in this aspect.

    Victor Oladipo and Maurice Harkless have been good on defense, and Oladipo should only get better as he matures.

    Orlando would be smart to add a defensive player in the draft such as Noah Vonleh from Indiana.

Post Play

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    Post play is another area that Orlando must improve in, but there’s not much that needs to change. Nikola Vucevic has been solid for the Magic and Kyle O’Quinn continues to improve.

    With that said, Orlando needs a true rebounder down low.

    The Magic were 21st in rebounding this season, so finding a big man down low is something that could be improved. Joel Embiid from Kansas is a smart option for a big man, but he would have to be selected with the Magic’s first pick.

    The personnel Orlando has now is good enough down low. It just needs to be further developed.

Explosive Scoring

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    One thing the Magic need to acquire before next season is an explosive scorer. Arron Afflalo led Orlando in scoring this season with 18.2 points per game, but as a group, the Magic ranked 25th in the league in points per game.

    Afflalo was great at times, but was an inconsistent scorer throughout the season. While guys like Tobias Harris, Oladipo and Vucevic have provided scoring, Orlando needs a guy who can score more consistently.

    A quick solution to this problem would be drafting Dante Exum, who could provide explosive scoring. He has the size to play multiple positions and would energize this Magic offense.

Point Guard Play

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    It’s no secret that Jameer Nelson is aging, and it’s time for the Magic to go in a different direction at point guard.

    Nelson averaged 12.1 points and 7.0 assists per game, which aren’t bad numbers, but Orlando needs a younger point guard that will provide more scoring and excitement.

    Yep, you guessed it: Dante Exum. Orlando could draft Exum and fill the need at point guard while also giving itself a big-time scorer.

Player Development

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    Orlando is going in the right direction with the organization, it’s just not quite there yet. No major changes to the roster are needed because it has some good, young players.

    Harris, Oladipo, Vucevic and Harkless are all young and can be good players with further development. The Magic certainly need to add a couple of guys, such as Exum and a defensive post man, but they can win with the players they have now.

    Further developing these players in the offseason will find a different Magic squad on the court next season.