Manchester United: Why Jurgen Klopp Is the Man to Fill the Managing Vacancy

Jake Nisse@@jake_nisse_BRFeatured ColumnistApril 24, 2014

Klopp is one of United's top targets.
Klopp is one of United's top targets.Matt Dunham

After Manchester United fired manager David Moyes, the club need a new manager for next season, assuming they won't keep Ryan Giggs at the helm.

And many want that manager to be none other than Borussia Dortmund's Jurgen Klopp.

A fiery and tenacious leader, Klopp is beloved by supporters and players alike, the true definition of a player's coach. Though, at 46, he is on the younger side for a manager, he is already considered by many to be one of the world's best, and for good reason.

The German manager has racked up two Bundesliga titles with Dortmund, as well a German Cup, and even took his side to the Champions League final.

The two titles were extremely impressive, and even more surprising as Klopp took a perennially decent team (fifth and sixth place the two years before their 2010-11 title), and made them a great one.

For two seasons, Dortmund were the best team in Germany, and still remain a top-two side after Bayern's recent improvements. Dortmund's improvements in European play have also been impressive, as BVB reached the UCL final in 2013, and followed up with a slightly disappointing quarterfinal exit in 2014.

With their 2-0 home win in the second leg, however, Dortmund showed that they are still to be taken seriously when they are not having the best of seasons.

Aside from his success on paper, United fans would welcome the energy that Klopp would bring—both in his demeanor and his tactics.

Firstly, Klopp is known as a very energetic manager, sometimes even described as a bit crazy or eccentric. However, this perceived craziness comes from a good place; Klopp is simply extremely passionate about the game. He is the type of manager to vehemently defend his players, or brutally argue against a call, as he did vs. Napoli. Klopp's players appreciate his absolute commitment and dedication to the game, and he knows how to get the best out of them.

The other, more important way that Klopp would spring life into Old Trafford is with his high-energy gameplan known as gegenpressing. This system requires to constantly press and hound the ball on defense, hopefully leading to a quick counterattack and instant offensive opportunities.

This system can certainly be risky, as poor tackling and defensive execution leaves your team vulnerable, and gives the opposition chances in front of the goal.

However, a gegenpressing approach would certainly bring exciting performances to Old Trafford, and United fans likely don't want to see many more of the lifeless and conservative displays they saw from their team this season.

But no matter how much United beg Klopp to come, it seems that, at least for now, he is adamant about staying at Dortmund. While United have many reasons they'd like Klopp to be their manager, they also have some selling points they can use to convince him.

First of all, it goes without saying that United is a massive and global club. Sure, they hit a bit of a rough patch this season but they are still one of the most supported clubs in the world, with a rich history and a reportedly massive transfer budget for this summer (The Daily Star).

If Klopp was appointed as manager, he would certainly have to make some buys, but at least on offense United have a good base. Juan Mata, Wayne Rooney, Adnan Januzaj, Danny Welbeck, Robin van Persie, and former Dortmund player Shinji Kagawa could work wonders if played in proper roles and put in a good tactical situation.

Klopp has frequently bemoaned United's use of Kagawa—perhaps the prospect of reviving the playmaker's career could bring him to England.

Kagawa has not experienced the same amount of success at United as he did at Dortmund.
Kagawa has not experienced the same amount of success at United as he did at Dortmund.Clint Hughes

While United have stockpiled offensive assets in recent seasons, Dortmund will have lost two of their most important attackers in recent memory by the end of this season. Robert Lewandowski will follow Mario Gotze to Bayern Munich after signing for the Bavarian club in January. Though Marco Reus and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang will likely be around for next season, how long is it until they will be tempted by greener pastures as well?

And, furthermore, would Klopp really want to stick around to manage a Dortmund team that would be a shell of itself?

Ultimately, Klopp's dedication to Dortmund is admirable, but he's being foolish in not even considering United's offer.

Information from ESPNFC and used in this article.


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