4 Creative Moves the Seattle Seahawks Can Pull on Draft Day

Dilan Ames@@DilanAmesNFLCorrespondent IApril 24, 2014

4 Creative Moves the Seattle Seahawks Can Pull on Draft Day

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    The Seattle Seahawks have drafted very well in recent years and will look to build on that reputation with next month's draft. They will have a number of options come draft day and may be doing some wheeling and dealing in order to make the most of the draft.

    Of their viable options, one will be to trade up or down in the earlier rounds in order to target a specific player or stockpile draft picks. If they do move up, it'd likely be for a stud wide receiver or offensive lineman in the first round.

    There's a plethora of talented prospects to choose from, two of which being the monstrous Mike Evans and impressive Zack Martin. Either player would play a major role right away for the Seahawks, all while making a strong offense even stronger.

    If they trade down, it'd be to add some more picks in hopes of striking gold again in the later rounds (e.g. Richard Sherman, Malcolm Smith).

    It's clear Seattle has a lot of moves it can make, all of which would benefit it differently. 

Trade Up in 2nd Round for a Cornerback

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    The Seahawks have one of the best secondaries in all of football, but they would be wise to add some more young talent in the draft. While they shouldn't opt for one in the first round, they should consider looking for a talented one in Round 2.

    Seattle holds the 64th overall pick, but by that time all the top-shelf talent at cornerback may be gone, meaning it might want to consider trading up to nab one. Seattle won't need to jump into the first 15 picks of the round, but the 20-25 range would be a nice spot to move up to.

    Now, there are a few choices the team may have at that point, but the most realistic prospect is Keith McGill of Utah. The big-bodied corner keeps with the Seahawks' trend of bigger corners and would be able to contribute right away.

    Looking long-term, McGill would be surrounded with talented veterans who could certainly help him develop into an NFL star, making him an all-around smart pickup.

Stockpile Late-Round Picks

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    The Seahawks have been proved wise on several occasions when it comes to late-round draft picks and should try to stockpile a few more in this year's event. Richard Sherman and Malcolm Smith were drafted in the fifth and seventh rounds respectively, and they're two of the best in the league at their positions.

    Seattle could move its second-round pick (if it decides not to trade up) and gain a few mid- and late-round picks. There would be high-reward prospects to nab around there, one of which will be Colt Lyerla.

    The troubled tight end has off-field issues that teams can't ignore, but picking him up in the later rounds would be a solid place to do so—especially if he corrects his problems and gets his act together. Lyerla would add a playmaking receiver to an already solid corps and is also a dependable blocker.

    He would fit nicely into a Seattle offense that could use an extra wrinkle in its passing game as well as another blocker for its potent rushing attack.

    Editor's Note: This article has been amended to reflect the fact that Doug Baldwin was not drafted and the Seahawks do not have a third-round pick.

Trade Robert Turbin for Picks

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    Robert Turbin has proved his worth as an NFL runner in a minimized role behind Marshawn Lynch, but the Seahawks should shop him around a little bit to see what they can get. At the very least he could likely pull in a fourth- or fifth-round pick from a running back-needy team.

    He hastarter potential, but he won't be dethroning Lynch anytime soon. Plus, rising second-year runner Christine Michael has impressed the times he handled the ball.

    As I mentioned on the last slide, Seattle has had much luck with picking up guys in the later rounds and turning them into valuable role players. Letting go of a guy who can be replaced for an opportunity to bring in another important contributor is a risk it'll likely be willing to take.

Trade Up in 1st Round and Grab Game-Changing Receiver or Offensive Lineman

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    The Seahawks could use a game-changing receiver given the uncertainty surrounding Sidney Rice and Percy Harvin's health going forward, and they may decide it's worth it to trade up in the first round to get one.

    There are a number of guys they could potentially choose, but the ideal prospect would be Mike Evans. He's a rare talent, as he's both very big and fast, and would immediately become one of the best weapons Seattle has.

    Even if Rice and Harvin remain healthy, Evans would take Seattle's passing game to a whole other level.

    Worst-case scenario is Evans get drafted before Seattle snatches him up, but Kelvin Benjamin is another big receiver who the Seahawks could target in the middle or second half of the first round. He too is a speedy, well-built receiver who would be a valuable playmaker for Russell Wilson to have. 

    Aside from receiver, offensive tackle is another position of need for Seattle. It would be a wise move to take a look at the lineman who will be available in the 20s, and one man who comes to mind is Zack Martin.

    The former Notre Dame lineman is a smart tackle with a big frame and good technique who would make for a nice starter across from Russell Okung.

    No matter which position the Seahawks decide to address, they can't really go wrong.