Clippers Color Analyst's Ballot Gaffe Throws Wrench in NBA MVP and MIP Voting

Ben LeibowitzCorrespondent IIIApril 23, 2014

USA Today

With Most Improved Player candidates like Anthony Davis, Lance Stephenson, Kyle Lowry, Gerald Green, DeAndre Jordan and others—including Phoenix Suns point guard Goran Dragic, the actual winner—there were plenty of viable options voters could go with for the award.

Los Angeles Clippers color analyst Michael Smith, however, didn't jot down any of those choices.

As Next Impulse Sports' John Ferensen pointed out, Smith voted Kevin Durant, LeBron James and Blake Griffin as his top three for MIP, thinking he was tabbing his choices for Most Valuable Player instead.

Smith addressed the gaffe via Twitter:

While KD did improve statistically in categories like points and assists per game during the 2013-14 campaign, he's been one of the league's most consistent and elite players for a while now. As a result, his qualifications for Most Improved aren't as magnified as other guys who made drastic leaps compared to a season ago.

The same applies for LBJ and Griffin, although the Clippers' All-Star big man made a solid case. He earned a first-place vote from B/R's Kevin Ding, according to the official release of balloting.

The mix-up could throw a bit of a monkey wrench into MVP voting if Smith swapped both categories. Ferensen, though, said that it's unclear whether that is the case. "It remains to be seen if Smith flip-flopped the two lines, or if he filled in his MVP choices twice. Either way, big time fail," he wrote.

If Smith did indeed place his MIP votes in the MVP category, I'm sure Davis and Dragic will appreciate the love—though accidental.

Of course, giving the league's newest Most Improved Player a nod while voting for MVP isn't entirely far-fetched, as AZ Central's Bob Young wrote back in March:

But here’s the thing: MVP voters must put five players on their ballot, with points awarded for each vote in descending value.

Dragic’s play this season, especially while Eric Bledsoe has been recovering from a knee procedure, has to put him into the discussion for those 'other' votes if the Suns can maintain their playoff pace.

In fact, it already has.

So at least Smith potentially tabbing Dragic as No. 2 for MVP wouldn't look as egregious as James being voted No. 2 for MIP.

This just goes to show that attention to detail is just as important when picking players as it is when writing them in for specific honors.