David Haye Seems to Get off Speeding by Taking Selfie with Policeman

Mark PattersonUK Staff WriterApril 23, 2014

Twitter - @Hitpat79

David Haye has attracted criticism on Twitter after a picture emerged of him in a selfie with a policeman.

The Met officer appeared to stop Haye one evening, but the policeman got a picture with the former world champion rather than issue a speeding ticket.

And rather than leaving it there, he tweeted the champion a copy of the image.

"When we met after you were 'enjoying' your car," officer Hitesh Patel wrote on Twitter.

To which Haye replied, "Thanks for not nicking me!!"

All evidence of the conversation seems to have been deleted from their accounts, but several outlets including the Daily Mail and Eurosport have evidence of the conversation:

Twitter - @MrDavidHaye

For people who think that the rich and famous get preferential treatment, this will add fuel to the fire.