Jimmy Fallon Roasts NHL Players with Hilarious Playoffs Superlatives

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You will never look at some of these NHL players the same way again after Jimmy Fallon gets done with them. 

Yahoo Sports' Greg Wyshynski drops this nice little gift in the Internet's lap as the NHL playoffs really heats up. For those uninitiated, it's the latest iteration of The Tonight Show's Fallon presenting hypothetical superlatives for various celebrities. 

It's like "Most Likely to Succeed," but funny. 

For those who are already well acquainted with the hilarity that normally spills from similar lists, go ahead and sit back and enjoy, because this is a classic. 

My personal favorite has to be the moment Zdeno Chara gets plunked onto the video because you have an idea of where the host might go. 

Still, Fallon finds a way to delight: "He was voted most likely to be two humans sewn together," which results in laughs. 

Now Wyshynski would like to roast Fallon gently with his awkward pronunciation of Chara's name: "And while we’re still not sure how a guy who nails the Boston sports stereotype like Fallon has in the past ("NOOOOMAAAAAR!") gets “Zoo-Day-No” out of “Zdeno Chara” – unless that’s the joke – the 2014 awards are pretty good."

We agree, these awards are pretty good but are truly excellent when Matt Niskanen comes up on the screen. There is an audible sigh from the audience members as if they are preparing for a huge punch line that will finish the bit nicely. 

Fallon, as those who already watched the video will attest, does not disappoint. 

Now we aren't about to predict how the Stanley Cup playoffs will go from a brief bit, but Boston.com's Bill Speros did notice that there were three Bruins represented on the show. 

The team is up 2-1 in its series, beating the Red Wings 3-0 Tuesday night, so perhaps there is something to being poked and prodded with Fallon jabs. 

If success does come with being roasted, you can bet the Bruins players will be the first to light the fire. 

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