How It Could've Been, NHL 09 Simulation Of The 08-09 Season

Svyato RovenchukSenior Writer IJune 21, 2009

What's up fellow Bleacher Reporters. After the end of the 08-09 season I got curious. I asked myself questions like...

Could it have been different?

Who might've won the cup instead?


So I decided to do a NHL 09 simulation of the season on my xbox 360. I updated every change so it would be identical to the real stuff. So here is how it should've gone according to the machine.

Regular Season

Eastern Conference

1. Pittsburgh Penguins*

2. Buffalo Sabres*

3. Washington Capitals*

4. New York Rangers

5. Philadelphia Flyers

6. New Jersey Devils

7. Ottawa Senators

8. Boston Bruins

Western Conference

1. San Jose Sharks*

2. Edmonton Oilers*

3. Chicago Blackhawks*

4. Calgary Flames

5. Colombus Blue Jackets

6. Dallas Stars

7. Detroit Red Wings 

8. St. Louis Blues


1st Round

Eastern Conference

Pittsburgh(1) def. Boston(8) in 5 Games

Senators(7) def. Sabres(2) in 7 Games

Capitals(3) def. Devils(6) in 6 Games

Flyers(5) def. Rangers(4) in 7 Games

Western Conference

St. Louis(8) def. San Jose(1) in 5 Games

Red Wings(7) def. Oilers(2) in 6 Games

Chicago(3) def. Dallas(6) in 4 Games

Calgary(4) def. Colombus(5) in 4 Games 

2nd Round

Eastern Conference

Pittsburgh(1) def. Ottawa(8) in 4 Games

Capitals(3) def. Flyers(5) in 6 Games

Western Conference

Chicago(3) def. St. Louis(8) in 6 Games

Calgary(4) def. Detroit(7) in 7 Games

Conference Finals

Eastern Conference

Pittsburgh(1) def. Washington(3) in 7 Games

Western Conference

Calgary Flames(4) def. Chicago Blackhawks(3) in 5 Games

Stanley Cup Finals

G1: Calgary def. Pittsburgh 3-2(OT)

G2: Pittsburgh def. Calgary 4-1

G3: Pittsburgh def. Calgary 1-0

G4: Calgary def. Pittsburgh 4-2

G5: Pittsburgh def. Calgary 5-4(OT)

G6: Pittsburgh def. Calgary 3-0

Pittsburgh wins the Stanley Cup

Fleury wins Conn Smythe.


Why can't the Calgary in this game be more like the real ones(laugh)?

Looks like Pittsburgh wins anyway.

There were some pretty weird standings.

Sharks get knocked out in the first round just like the real world.

Surprised Calgary beat Detroit.

Damn Pittsburgh beats Caps again(laugh).

Overall not bad.