Enzo Amore, Sami Zayn and Latest WWE NXT Developmental News

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterApril 23, 2014

Enzo Amore, Sami Zayn and Latest WWE NXT Developmental News

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    Credit: WWE.com

    The latest word from WWE NXT will have Enzo Amore and Sami Zayn smiling.

    Amore is ditching his wheelchair and getting ready to prove how "sawft" his opponents are. For Zayn, it appears that he is on the cusp of heading to a bigger stage. WWE recently had him work some live events opposite Superstars and go on tour with the main-roster folks as well.

    In other WWE developmental news, an indie wrestler is set to get started in earnest, an NXTer and his wife just had a child and fans may see more Camacho in the coming weeks at Full Sail University.

    In different stages of their NXT journeys, these wrestlers all have reason to be positive about their recent progress. That's even more true for Amore and Zayn, who are both nudging ever closer to the spotlight.

'The Realest Guy in the Room' on His Way Back

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    NXT is about to get a lot more fun. Enzo Amore is coming back soon.

    The charismatic trash-talker has been out with a leg injury for months. Wrestling Observer Newslettervia Marc Middleton of Wrestling Inc, has good news to share about his progress, "Amore returned to training this past week."

    Amore made the most of being in a wheelchair, but being able to compete once again is vital for him. It's in the ring where he has the most to prove. Fans have already bought into his mic skills and character work.

    After his leg is all mended, it will be time for him to show off more of his skills between the ropes.

New Prospect to Begin Training

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    Steven "The Fever" Walters left NWA Anarchy Wrestling for a chance to progress through the WWE developmental system. Although he signed with the company back in March, he has yet to officially begin his NXT career.

    That's set to change.

    As reported by Wrestling Observer Newslettervia Marc Middleton of Wrestling Inc, "Walters will be starting with WWE developmental soon. He had his last match with his home promotion this past weekend."

    Walters is a powerful, well-built athlete who is fluid in the ring and can leap extremely well. Those skills will certainly get him noticed early.

    Standing out in the increasingly crowded NXT field, though, will still be a challenge.

Sami Zayn Updates

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    Bo Dallas and Adam Rose vignettes are airing on Raw, signaling a promotion to the main roster soon. Signs point to Sami Zayn not being far behind them.

    When WWE went to Saudi Arabia over the weekend, the company brought Zayn along. Wrestling Inc's Marc Middleton writes, "Zayn worked this weekend's WWE live events in Saudi Arabia and received a big pop when doing a promo in Arabic." Mahmood Ebrahim adds, for ProWrestling.net, that Zayn defeated Heath Slater on the April 19 show. 

    Zayn, who is of Syrian descent, requested to be billed from Syria.

    He displayed the power he could have on the Saudi market, something that will certainly up his value. The high-flyer also got a chance to shine against Slater stateside as well.

    Zayn knocked off the 3MB frontman in the dark match for the April 22 SmackDown tapings in Hershey, Pa., per PWTorch.com reader Irv Deitz.

    This kind of gig is often the precursor to a call-up. WWE gets a chance to see how a prospect meshes with main-roster talent and how the fans react to them. Knowing Zayn, he will pass both tests on a regular basis.

NXT Prospect Now a Father

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    As noted last week, Scott Dawson was just recently cleared to return to the ring after tearing an ACL, per PWMania.com. That news can't compete with the fact that Dawson and his wife had a baby girl.

    Dawson tweeted a photo of the new addition to his family.

    As focused as fans get on who is getting "buried", overexposed or underused on the roster, Dawson becoming a dad is reminder of just how trivial those things are. 

    Congratulations to the new parents. A daunting-but-rewarding experience awaits them.

Camacho to Make NXT 'Respectable'

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    Look for Camacho to play a bigger role on NXT.

    After he defeated Oliver Grey on last week's show, WWE is hinting that the powerhouse will be showcased more. In an interview on WWE.com, he said, "I'm gonna reconstruct the foundation of NXT and rebuild this place the right way. I'm gonna make NXT respectable again."

    Regardless of how far he gets in that endeavor, the fact that he will be embarking on it and that the WWE chose to profile him on its website should mean more airtime for him.

    With his partner Hunico now permanently playing the Sin Cara role, Camacho is going to have to rebuild himself the way he promised to do with NXT. Now that Adam Rose, Bo Dallas and others are leaving NXT behind, there will be added opportunities for him to do just that.