WWE the Bash Preview: (Mask vs Title) Chris Jericho (c) vs Rey Mysterio

Svyato Rovenchuk@TorontosClassicSenior Writer IJune 21, 2009

Hey, it's Svyato here with a preview of one of the matches from our upcoming pay per view, The Bash. This time I'm going to talk about the thrilling match that is going to be Chris Jericho Vs Rey Mysterio. It's a situation where neither man wants to lose. Now let's start shall we.


Oh the stipulations for this match are huge ones(my opinion). If Rey Mysterio loses he will have to take off a part of him that makes Rey, Rey(no not his colorful pants), his mask. To Rey Mysterio taking off a luchador's mask is the ultimate sign of disrespect and for him to do that himself, that's brutal. So if I were Rey I'd hope that the WWE writers don't pull a TNA here.

For Chris Jericho to lose the match is losing the ITC championship. To many other men this would be nothing, but Chris is king when it comes to the ITC title so to him it may not be nothing. Chris just won this title at Extreme Rules where he beat Mysterio in a No Holds Barred match to win the title.

Chris also managed to retain the ITC title on Raw this week. And for his title reign to be that short then why do you give him a title reign at all(unless it's Batista who has gotten short title reigns recently)? My point is no matter what the hell happens neither result will be satisfying.

Matching Up

Sizing them up, both men aren't too big. But size doesn't matter when it's scripted(laugh). I think Rey will be the underdog as usual going into the match against Y2J(once again doesn't matter when it's scripted).

Chris Jericho is a great wrestler. He's a very hard worker when it comes to the ring. He is also a great heel as well as a terrific in the ring competitor.

Now let's look at Rey. He's got great highflying abilities. He's the WWE's second best highflyer in my opinion(no one can compare to Jeff, sorry Rey). Rey is an amazing performer no denying it. A lot of people may not like him, but he is good at what he does. 

All in all, this should be a good match.

How it should go

Let's see how it should go...

Chris Jericho stars off strong,

Rey starts fighting back,

until Y2J hits a reversal,

Jericho locks in the Walls Of Jericho,

Rey just gets to the rope,

Rey takes the lead in the match until he sets up for the 619,

he hits it , but when he covers Jericho kicks out,

eventually both superstars end up outside the ring,

Jericho eventually gets frustrated and hits Y2J with a chair.

Rey Mysterio wins the match, but Jericho retains the title.

That's how I see it going, but remember this is the WWE, they can always be expected to do something stupid.