WWE Raw Review: Kane, Daniel Bryan, Evolution and More

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WWE Raw was a showcase of confusing alliances, with Wade Barrett, Cesaro and Bray Wyatt somehow standing out as three of the top babyfaces on the show. As with any form of entertainment, WWE is best when a villain drives people to a television set to see him or her lose. But on this night, the villain was your best friend.

Former friends Kane and Daniel Bryan are now embroiled in feud for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Some will groan, as is always the case with the oft-paranoid Daniel Bryan fanbase, but Kane has successfully evolved into a threat to Bryan’s championship.

Bryan is most marketable as an underdog, which is the case in this feud, and a win will only make him a stronger champion.

Triple H, Randy Orton and Big Dave have done some evolving of their own, as the Evolution stable took form on Raw, fully clad in business-formal wear.

This brought back old memories, and for the first time in months, both Orton and Batista are coming off as characters with some direction.

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