Facing Triple H Would Elevate Roman Reigns as a Singles Star in WWE

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistApril 23, 2014

Triple H and Roman Reigns
Triple H and Roman Reignscredit: wwe.com

The Shield is beginning a war with Triple H and the newly reunited Evolution.  Batista and former WWE world champion Randy Orton are firmly by Hunter's side, while Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose are standing tall and ready for battle.

And while the feud will undoubtedly test the dominance of each faction, the fact is that the most key matchup involves Triple H and Roman Reigns.  If the two men square off, fans could see The Game elevate Roman as a singles star in the company.

Though The Shield has been on level ground for the majority of the time they've been on WWE's main roster, the truth is that Roman has somewhat stepped out in front recently.  He has become the voice of The Shield during the moments when their superiority was challenged, and he has looked very comfortable in that leadership role.

The Shield
The Shieldcredit: wwe.com

However, that is not to say that Dean or Seth have taken step backward.  Both men continue to cut excellent promos and deliver top-notch performances in the ring.  Each one has proved his worth and his value to WWE's No. 1 faction.

But it is Roman's work that has caused him to stand out.  He just plays the part of the leader so well; he has that swagger, that confidence that has been The Shield's calling card from the moment they entered the company back in 2012.

So right now it feels as though it's his team against Triple H's.  And that could be a good thing.

The reason for that is because at the end of the day, Roman is the man that many fans feel is going to be the next big thing.  It's a notion that has gathered steam, and at this point, likely everyone has heard or shares that widely held opinion.

And if anyone wanted to know why, all they have to do is watch him.

Roman Reigns
Roman Reignscredit: wwe.com

Roman is a big, good looking guy, with a very marketable face and a chiseled physique.  His intensity is matched only by his athleticism, and he is basically everything that WWE wants in a top star.  But right now, he is still just a member of The Shield.

But Triple H could be the man who changes all that.

Despite any criticism that is thrown at The Game on a near daily basis, the fact is that Hunter is very smart about the business.  He understands how the game is played, and more importantly, he knows that the future is now.

Triple H's run as a top corporate executive comes during a period of growth on WWE's talent roster. During his reign, fans have seen the rise of Big E, Cesaro and The Wyatt Family.  Recent vignettes advertising both Adam Rose and Bo Dallas undoubtedly have fans very anxious to see what happens next and how those talents will be utilized.

Triple H
Triple Hcredit: wwe.com

But it is the impressive work that The Shield does on a weekly basis that has perhaps garnered the most attention.  The Hounds of Justice were built to succeed, and they have done just that for a very long time.

And at some point, they will have to go their separate ways.  It's a day that surely many fans are not looking forward to but one that must happen nevertheless.  Triple H is the man who can help The Shield make the transition from a faction to singles stars.

Working Roman Reigns is the first step of making that happen.

Triple H can give Roman the rub like no one else can in WWE.  He has always been regarded by many fans as a legend, a man who helped define the Attitude Era and became a true main event star in the process.  Though his ring career has slowed down considerably versus what it once was, the truth is that Triple H is still very effective in the ring and very capable of putting on a great match.

And that is exactly what would be needed to help propel Roman Reigns to that next level.

While perhaps no one really expects Triple H to just spotlight Roman then go away to allow his rise up the ladder, the fact is that the push upward must happen eventually.  Roman's main event career must begin at some point, and what better way for it to happen than at the hands of The Cerebral Assassin?

To be seen in the same light as Triple H and to perhaps even score a victory against him would be a very big statement by WWE.  It would put fans on notice that Roman Reigns is a future top guy in the making, a man worthy of their time and attention.

Up to this point, Roman has been viewed as a member of The Shield.  Any talk of him becoming anything other than that has been just that: talk.  But if he were to be booked against Triple H then it would perhaps start the forward progress for him that so many fans feel is inevitable.

Perhaps the time has finally come for Roman Reigns to play the game.