TUF 9 Finale Overview

Chris IodiceContributor IJune 21, 2009

"Are you not entertained?"

I believe that I speak for everyone when I tell you, Diego Sanchez, that we all were entertained.  I expected the Sanchez vs. Guida main event to be a great match up and it was.  I also picked Sanchez to come out the victor...if I had only gotten off my butt to write that article first.

Oh well, at least that was not the only war we witnessed Saturday night.  I loved the Lytle vs. Burns match up as well.  I have been a Lytle fan for awhile now and I love his let it all hang out style.  He continued to recover nicely throughout the fight whenever he got rocked.  Burns is definitely a fighter to respect and I see big things coming from him in the future.

He never gave up and took so many of those looping hard punches that Lytle continuously dished out.

Respect is also due for the Stevenson vs. Diaz match up.  Stevenson put on a great display of wrestling skill to nail a unanimous decision win over Nate Diaz.

Now I may seem to be avoiding the whole reason the UFC had an event Saturday night.  The Ultimate Fighter Finale 9 right?

I would like to interject a point that may stir up some controversy.

First let me define controversy: a prolonged public dispute, debate, or contention; disputation concerning a matter of opinion.

I am not trying to be wise I am just making sure that everyone understands that this is my opinion and if it is shared by others than so be it.

As far as which country is better at fighting or which country produces better fighters, like the show tried to advertise it was about, nothing was solved.  I am not saying that the UFC did anything wrong and I am definitely not saying they rigged the season to have it play out a certain way.  However; I do not believe that the US put their best talent against the UK's best talent.

Yes DaMarques Johnson lost to James Wilks, even though Wilks has been training in the US for quite some time now, but most of the US's other fighters seemed to have so many problems.  It was almost like the US team was there more for their personalities traits rather than their fighting abilities.  I know I know...they fought their way onto the show, but come on now.  How many seasons have there been with plenty of "characters" on the TUF series?

I know the fighters are stressed and they are away from home but excusses are not for professional athletes.  There were far too many complainers on the US team.  Most of the guys wanted to be home and they couldn't wait to leave.  One example is Jason Pierce, did he even want to be on the show?

This is my main point. 

I felt like the UK team was stacked, by having all the UK's best fighters tryout for the team.  While the US team didn't pick from the best talent that could have represented the country.