Young Rockies Fan's Reaction to Getting a Foul Ball Makes Our Week

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One man's meaningless foul ball into the stands is another's priceless treasure. 

Next Impulse Sports' Kiley Kmiec spotted a video featuring one of thousands of foul balls that will end up in the stands this season. This one is special because, well, just take a look at that kid's face. 

Day made, faith restored and this kid now has a memento he will more than likely have with him for the next few months. 

Seriously, good luck prying that thing away from him. 

We aren't quite sure when this ball ended up in the stands or who hit the ball, but we get a glimpse back into earlier in the game when one of the adults who had the foul ball realized such things belong to the youth. 

Thank you, kind gentleman, because we have seen time and again that some adults treat foul balls like the Fountain of Youth, chasing after them despite the possibility for embarrassment. 

This time, an adult realized this inexpensive ball was actually quite valuable—to the kid sitting behind him.

From our vantage point, it looks like the man in the brown jacket gives the ball to the kid and later gets a congratulatory high-five from a nearby fan. Our assumption is that he decided to just gift this ball to someone who would really appreciate it. 

With that, we have to agree with the announcer who proclaims, "And this is how you should feel when you get a foul ball. That is more than two thumbs up."

What's more, the Rockies beat the visiting Giants, 8-2, adding five home runs on the night and giving one kid one of the more memorable experiences at the ballpark. 

Unfortunately, we will still see adults act like kids, chasing down foul balls at parks as they shove one another out of the way. 

Somewhere, there is a man in Colorado who gets it. Leave the foul balls for the kids, because their reactions are far more entertaining. 

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