WWE Raw Results: Biggest Winners and Losers After April 21

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WWE Raw Results: Biggest Winners and Losers After April 21
Credit: WWE.com

On the April 21 edition of WWE Raw, the night belonged to the monsters.

Kane's onslaught and Bray Wyatt's ballad compelled fans more than anything else the show had to offer. Those two savages and Bad News Barrett most improved their positions. Championship chances and fistfuls of spotlight are now theirs after Monday's Raw.

Meanwhile, Emma and Los Matadores watched as a snake and a bull overshadowed them.

For them, Monday's Raw was a continuation of them spinning their wheels. It didn't matter what the results of their matches were; the headlines focused on a trio of bruisers instead.

Wyatt, Kane and Barrett earned the biggest long-term victories, charging into Extreme Rules after a successful trip to Baltimore. 


Winner: Bad News Barrett

Barrett struck with the Bull Hammer once again to get closer to a title shot.

He defeated Sheamus in the second round of the Intercontinental Championship No. 1 Contender Tournament. The pin came without assistance, without cheating.

Sheamus doesn't lose often. In 2013, he had a .750 winning percentage, per PWInsider. Barrett eliminating him is a big boost for the Englishman.

After spending so much time behind the podium rather than in the ring, Barrett is now on an impressive run.

This marks his second standout performance in the tournament. Last Monday, he and Dolph Ziggler put on the best match of the first round. 

He's now just one win away from a championship match at Extreme Rules.

Regardless of what happens in the finals against Rob Van Dam, Barrett has already benefited greatly from being in the tourney. He has compiled two wins against former world champs and reminded fans just how compelling of a brawler he can be.


Loser: Emma

Just looking at the results is misleading. Emma pinned Layla, but she sank further into ridiculousness in the process.

She pulled out a pink sock puppet mid-match. Her version of Santino Marella's cobra earned her a three-count, but it made her more laughingstock than contender.

The two snake puppets then flirted in the ring and backstage.

Emma's talent is being wasted in this silly role. Although her gimmick relies on her goofiness, it's best when it is mixed with gutsy wrestling performances. That's what has been missing from her run on the main roster so far.

She's stuck in the least interesting and most stagnant feud of the year—Fandango and dance partner du jour vs. Santino and Emma. Hornswoggle and El Torito have more heat than this tepid rivalry.

If you play a comic-relief character long enough, it's hard to do anything else. Just ask Santino.


Winner: Kane

return to his roots made Kane one of the stars of Monday's Raw.

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella met in the ring to celebrate their recent wedding. Kane, once again masked and merciless, ambushed the couple.

With Stephanie McMahon screeching at him to stop, "The Devil's Favorite Demon" mauled the WWE titleholder.

He hit three tombstone piledrivers, including one on the announce table.

Had Wyatt not stolen the show at the end of the night, the most striking images of Monday's Raw would have belonged to Kane. He tore Bryan's neck brace off and dragged his lifeless body around as he reverted back to his monstrous ways.

He goes from grunt for The Authority to a lead role.

McMahon announced that Kane will challenge Bryan for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Extreme Rules. That's a coveted spot that would have been hard to imagine him getting just weeks ago.


Loser: Los Matadores

Los Matadores have become the mascots as El Torito has emerged as the frontman for the group.

The bulk of the attention of their six-man match against Jinder Mahal, Drew McIntyre and Hornswoggle went to the miniature bull. He was the highlight of both the comedy and the wrestling elements of the bout.

He leaped high into the air before crashing into Hornswoggle. His energy and ridiculous gimmick grabbed the audience's attention.

Los Matadores, meanwhile, have faded into the background as of late.

They have not caught on nearly as well as their horn-wearing ally. Fernando and Diego feel far away from title contention and relevance in the division.


Winner: Bray Wyatt

Wyatt danced, sang and bore his teeth on center stage.

His promo on Monday's Raw offered a bevy of unsettling lines. He ranted about monsters' claws, a nation of mindless sheep and his upcoming Steel Cage match against John Cena.

Although he and The Wyatt Family lost by disqualification to Cena, Wyatt earned the main event slot on Monday's Raw and left an inerasable impression.

During his match against Cena, he toyed with him, dancing with his limp body. He once again thrived as the cult leader, the beast who delights in his devouring. Every time he pounced on Cena or held back an attack, Wyatt forced our eyes upon him.

After the match devolved into chaos, he delivered one final lasting image.

Cradling an unconscious Cena in his arms, Wyatt sang "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands." That strange sight became the most talked-about element of Monday's Raw.

Without hunting for a championship, he is still being booked as a headliner. With every chance in the limelight WWE has given him, Wyatt is proving he belongs there.

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