WWE Extreme Rules 2014: Fringe Stars Who Will Make Big Statements

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistApril 22, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

Most pay-per-view shows in the WWE provide an opportunity for stars to break out, but at Extreme Rules, there are plenty of opportunities for wrestlers on the fringe to make huge impacts.

With people such as Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker now away from the company following WrestleMania XXX, some other talent has the chance to make a statement.

That could be wrestlers who are new to the WWE roster or those who have fallen down the pecking order in recent months.

With several openings across the card for some fringe stars to make an impact, let's look at the wrestlers who could make statements at Extreme Rules.


Bad News Barrett

He's been slowly building momentum for a number of weeks now, and Bad News Barrett will make his mark at Extreme Rules.

The Englishman is just one win away from facing Big E at the show for the WWE Intercontinental Championshipand if he does get there, expect him to win.

A few weeks ago, it almost felt like Bad News Barrett was going nowhere. His witty, sarcastic promos had gone stale, and he desperately needed to compete in the ring to make his character change worthwhile.

Thankfully, the WWE has thrown him into the ring at long last, and we are starting to reap the rewards. His match with Sheamus on the Apr. 21 edition of Raw was outstanding and showed what a good worker Barrett is.

At Extreme Rules, that superb ability in the ring will be capped off with another reign as intercontinental champion.


Tamina Snuka

As far as the Divas division goes, Tamina Snuka has been a relative outsider over the last few months.

Sure, she was alongside AJ Lee for almost every match Lee competed in as champion, but she rarely stepped inside the ring herself.

That was a cruel waste of her talents, but it will all change at Extreme Rules.

She will lock horns with Paige at the event, with the Divas Championship on the line. And you can bet Snuka will be in the mood to impresswhether or not she is booked to win the title.

When she first arrived on the scene with The Usos, she seemed different than all the other women competing in the WWE.

If she brings her technical ability to the fore in her match at Extreme Rules, she will remind everyone just how good a performer she is.


Dean Ambrose

OK, I know Dean Ambrose isn't exactly a fringe star, but in terms of The Shield vs. Evolution, he is almost at the back of the queue in terms of hype.

At Extreme Rules, that is all going to change.

The event is a perfect opportunity for Ambrose to make his mark on the WWE landscape and remind everyone that he could easily be the most successful member of The Shield. 

His demonic, unchained attitude is unique to The Shield and a perfect fit for his persona. If the company decides to let him off the leash at Extreme Rules and cause unparallelled mayhem, we are going to be in for a treat.

When you look at guys who could potentially make huge statements about their future at Extreme Rules, Dean Ambrose is at the very top of the list.