David Moyes' Manchester United Sacking Prompts Unfortunate Guardian 'Anus' Typo

Mark PattersonUK Staff WriterApril 22, 2014

Twitter - @GuardianSport

David Moyes' sacking means everyone is trying to get out information about the sacking as quickly as possible.

That can lead to some unfortunate typos—and few will be more unfortunate than this one from the Guardian:

Twitter - @GuardianSport

The term annus horribilis is Latin for a "horrible year," and the phrase was made popular when the Queen used it in a speech to describe 1992.

But note that annus has a double "n"—anus, of course, is something else altogether.

The tweet has, of course, subsequently been deleted.

And if David Moyes did indeed have a horrible backside (a) it's probably not a sacking offence and (b) we'd probably sooner not look at a timeline of it.