Red Sox Fan's Horribly Dropped Foul Ball Leads to Funny Interview and Free Gift

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One Boston Red Sox fan missed a foul-ball catch so badly that someone decided he just had to be interviewed. 

While it's still better to be lucky than good, we submit that being egregiously uncoordinated really wins the day—at least that's what we gleaned from this video. posted one of the more hilarious moments from Monday's Red Sox loss to the Baltimore Orioles, 7-6. 

In the top of the seventh inning, baseball fan Jared is interviewed by NESN reporter Gary Striewski, who just needs to follow up on a badly botched foul-ball catch. 

As you see in the video, the man who just wanted to catch a game on Patriots' Day gets a free gift in the form of a foul ball, but he boots it, losing out on the day's perfect memento. 

Well, we have his first-person account: "So it was coming in really fast. It was like a really hot liner." That's when you can hear the reporter mumble something about it not looking like a hot liner. 

The hilarious excuses keep coming: "The sun was coming over the center field there. It was kind of crazy. I lost it in the sun a little bit." 

All the while, Jared's lady friend looks to be that perfect mixture of embarrassed and amused—as if she would love to leave the area if it weren't so darn entertaining. 

As it turns out, dropping a cake pop-up might earn you ridicule on the field, but it gets you a free prize in the stands. The NESN reporter makes good on his word, returning later with a shiny new pearl for Jared, only his lady friend is nowhere to be found. 

Here is an image from Striewski and staff showing off the ball:

Unfortunately, Jared's female counterpart wasn't around to see the surprise delivery. However, as the reporter would later state on Twitter, you simply can't leave the park empty handed. 

We would imagine Jared will be far more prepared the next time a ball is headed his way. If not, he will have practice in the subsequent public shaming that seems to take place at Fenway Park. 

Red Sox fans would do well to bring gloves to the field in case a ball heads their way, because NESN is watching, and it's not about to pass up what might be a hilarious exchange. 

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