Projecting Batista and Randy Orton's Future as Potential Corporate Tag Team

Bryan Haas@@thehaastileoneFeatured ColumnistApril 23, 2014


With the recent reformation of Evolution, the WWE Universe has been put on notice that there might just be a new collective sheriff in town.

Granted, that group of sheriffs features three men who have held a world title in WWE a combined 31 times.

As Triple H, Randy Orton and Batista begin to unveil their master plan, it would not be too surprising to see them make a very earnest run at the WWE tag team titles, which are currently held by the Usos.

With Triple H as the unquestioned leader of the trio, it may fall to Orton and Batista to challenge for the prestigious prize.

At the moment, however, it seems that the main obstacle in their way is the logjam of credible teams in the tag team division.

Not too long ago, the tag team scene in WWE was dismal, with very few teams doing much of anything and guys like Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel and David Otunga all having held the coveted titles.

Then, beginning with Team Hell No winning them in 2012, the titles have come back to prominence with teams like The Shield and the Usos bringing life back to the entire division.

It stands to reason that a team that consists of a duo of multiple-time world champions would generate quite a buzz within the ranks of the tag team division.

On paper, Orton and Batista have all the makings of a legendary team.

First of all, both are already legends, so that takes some of the immediate pressure off them to form a solid unit, as they can simply skate by on their already-sterling reputations.

Batista, a six-time world champion, is still one of the most physically dominant superstars in WWEeven at age 45. He is a smashmouth competitor who has little regard for anything but laying waste to his opponents, with no real end game in mind.

Orton, for his part, is perhaps the most devious superstar in the company, always seeming to be thinking several steps ahead of any potential victim. It’s no wonder they call him the Viper, as he is always ready to strike an unsuspecting rivaloften at a very opportune moment.

With 12 world title reigns on his resume, Orton has nothing more to prove at the moment and could simply rest on his laurels.

It is easy to see that, together, Orton and Batista make up one solid unit. Though they were standing on a somewhat shaky foundation mere weeks ago, it seems that they have put any differences aside for the moment and are presenting a united front alongside Triple H in the newly reformed Evolution.

While it is a fact that both men have tasted tag team gold in the past (Orton once and Batista three times), this route might be the best possible one for them to take at the moment. The WWE World Heavyweight title picture is fairly full at the moment, as champion Daniel Bryan looks to have his hands full with a recently resurgent Kane.

The issue at hand seems to be them simply gaining an opportunity to challenge for the titles, but the company has not been shy about putting established stars into title pictures very rapidly in the past.

For two guys who are hanging around the chief operating officer of the company, that leap should not be a very difficult one.

Though the WWE tag team titles might not be exactly the gold belts that Orton and Batista were originally looking for, they might make very impressive consolation prizes in the meantime.