CM Punk and Jeff Hardy: Is This The Start Of a New Rivalry?

chipper smithCorrespondent IJune 21, 2009

Hey wrestling fans, I'm back with yet another wrestling article. This article is about two great young athletes who defy all odds in order to be the best in their profession. I am talking about CM Punk and Jeff Hardy.

As of late, they seem to have a rivalry going. Ever since Punk took the belt from Hardy at the Extreme Rules Event, Hardy has had a sour taste in his mouth. I know that Punk did it at the time when Jeff was nearly out on his feet. He just beat Edge for the belt and was exhausted.

Hardy didn't have the belt for more than five minutes when Punk ran down to the ring, cashed in his Money In The Bank briefcase, and ended up pinning Hardy and won the belt.

Jeff and Edge fought a very close and very exhausting match. Neither one would give up. Just when it looked like Edge would win, Jeff showed he had enough heart to go on. Same with Edge. They were both extraordinary. I have a new found respect for Edge, even though he can be a big heel, and be the ultimate opportunist.

What Edge did to Vickie Guerrero, his alleged wife, has still left me speechless. Many fans knew he was only using her to get into main events and title matches, and to help him keep his belt. Sorry I got caught up in the moment.

As I was saying before my mind wandered off to something else, Jeff has a lot of heart and integrity. Punk has that too. Punk had to take advantage of the situation and go after Jeff at his most vulnerable point. Any wrestler would have done the same if they were in his place.

At the same time, Jeff earned that belt and deserved to have worn it longer than five minutes. He takes any risk he has to , to get the job done. He fights and plays hard. Again, Punk does too. Neither wrestler will ever give up.

Now it seems that they have a rivalry going. I assume its because of Punk getting the belt and because the interference in their matches. So there is a wedge in their friendship.

Punk did say on Smackdown that no one is his friend or buddy in the ring. He is their opponent. As much as I like Punk, I think theres a chance he may change face. He has  an attitude about him. Is Punk getting too cocky? Is he changing? There is controversy about the match he was in on this last past week's Smackdown against Rey Mysterio.

Rey interfered in Jericho's match causing him to lose. Jericho interfered in Rey's match and it cost Rey his match as well. Punk picked up an injured Mysterio and gave him the GTS and won the match. The ref never saw Jericho interfere and therefore there were no disqulifications.

The WWE has gone ballistic, but, thats my opinion. The wrestlers have gone crazy, fighting whoever they want, since there is no GM on RAW. Something needs to be done. Vince McMahon(I hope this is only a storyline) needs to step up to the plate and be responsible instead of selling the WWE.

At The Bash, maybe things will come to order and be the Greatest Sport of all time. And I hope Punk gets his head together and not be like Orton or any of those kind of wrestlers. It is refreshing to see something new like a rivalry with Punk and Hardy. They need to make more matches like that to keep their audience interested.