David Moyes' Reported Sacking Is Necessary Move for Manchester United

Gianni Verschueren@ReverschPassFeatured ColumnistApril 21, 2014

In a move that seemed almost inevitable, Manchester United manager David Moyes will reportedly be sacked in the coming weeks, and his termination could happen as soon as this week.

The Daily Mail's Ian Ladyman was the first to report the news on Monday:

David Moyes will be sacked by Manchester United in the coming weeks and could even go before the end of the day.

United’s owners the Glazer family have finally lost patience with Moyes after a dismal season that has seen the reigning Barclays Premier League champions slump to seventh in the table.

The final straw was Sunday's 2-0 defeat at Everton, their 11th in the Barclays Premier League this season, and a result that left the title holders down 13 points off the Champions League places.

The ground underneath Moyes' feet had become very hot in recent weeks, with fans all over social media demanding his resignation as they wished for the Glazer family to take the team in a new direction.

One thing needs to be established first and foremost: If Moyes is indeed let go at the end of the season, it will be a sad day in the history of both the club and the Premier League. But it will also be the only logical way out for the Glazers and the rest of the club's management.

Moyes would be the second manager fired after no more than a single season at a major club, with Sky Sports' Alan Curbishley reporting Tottenham's Tim Sherwood will also be replaced at the end of the season.

Should neither manager get the chance to improve on the mistakes they made during their first season in charge, it would be a worrying tendency in English football. Fans often demand immediate results, but it is important to remember that building a team takes time.

That said, there is a vital difference between both managers, and while Sherwood and Moyes alike have shown plenty signs of incompetence in the last six months, there is a good reason Moyes could soon find himself without a job.

Sherwood inherited a team in disarray following the resignation of Andre Villas-Boas, a young squad filled with new signings who had yet to adapt to the English brand of football and the tremendous pressure that comes with playing in the nation's capital.

Spurs currently find themselves in sixth place in the Premier League, and without trying to disrespect the club, that is roughly where the team has always belonged. Tottenham have never been a top club vying for the title, and in the first season of the post-Gareth Bale era, there's nothing wrong with such a finish.

Moyes, on the other hand, inherited the Premier League champions, a sizable transfer budget and one of the most talented youth setups in the country. We all know about Adnan Januzaj, but Andreas Pereira and James Wilson are no scrubs, either, to name but two.

First season in charge or no, the Red Devils should not be failing to qualify for the Champions League at this point. Not with the squad Moyes gets to work with.

People still backing the manager will point to his numbers in comparison with his illustrious predecessor, as shared by BBC Sporf:

But this is about more than just results. In less than 12 months' time, United have gone from Premier League champions to a bunch of overpaid stars who lack any form of inspiration.

Moyes has shown a complete lack of tactical awareness and his comments following the 2-0 at Everton, per BBC Sport's Shamoon Hafez, were those of a manager who failed to grasp the reality that his team simply got outplayed by a young, vibrant side with far less talent on the pitch than United had:

Fans and pundits have never been more down on United than they are right now, and in the span of one season, the job of manager at the club has gone from arguably the most desirable in all of football to one the likes of Jurgen Klopp and Diego Simeone should turn down in favour of a prolonged stay with their current clubs.

That isn't the fault of the players, who suddenly forgot how to play the game. Nor is it the fault of management, whose pockets are still as deep as they were a year ago.

Rebuilding United shouldn't take too long for the next manager of the Red Devils. The talent is still there, both in the senior squad and in the youth leagues. The nightmarish 2013-14 campaign should result in a significant transfer budget to help the incoming manager take the club back to the top of the Premier League.

But top names like Klopp and Simeone will think long and hard about their current situations and the one waiting for them in Manchester, and don't be surprised if both of them turn down the opportunity to help clean the mess Moyes created during his time in Manchester.

And that will be the final piece of the legacy Moyes will leave behind. A nightmare season, some of the least inspiring football we've ever seen the club play, the regression of Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persiethose are the things we've already seen..

The seemingly untouchable position the club once held as the shining example of British football will be his biggest victim though, and it is very likely the club's new standing as one of the top clubs will be reflected in whoever takes over the reigns from Moyes.

Could United realistically have continued with Moyes at the helm? Anything is possible. But looking at the overall decline the club has suffered in his short period in charge, pulling the plug now was the only thing the Glazers could do.



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