Biggest World Football Blunders of the Weekend: John O'Shea's Schoolboy Error

Alex Dimond@alexdimondUK Lead WriterApril 21, 2014

Biggest World Football Blunders of the Weekend: John O'Shea's Schoolboy Error

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    Rui Vieira

    From the bizarre to the somewhat slapstick, we’ve once again compiled a selection of amusing moments from recent football matches for this instalment of the biggest blunders of the weekend.

    Over the following slideshow you’ll be treated to a variety of different incidents—from the obligatory hilarious own goals to cheeky antics from a mascot and borderline crazy actions from a Scottish captain.

    Following are the top five gaffes from the weekend’s action.

Advertising Hoardings Stop Play at Hull-Arsenal

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    It seems safe to suggest that Hull City ground staff might use a stronger glue next time they are pinning down advertising hoardings ahead of a game at KC Stadium.

    On Sunday, Hull's game against Arsenal was delayed for a number of minutes after a strong gust of wind blew hoardings across the pitch, with the players helping out with the cleanup operation in order to get the game back underway.

    You would be surprised to see such an incident in League One, never mind the Premier League.

    See more images and videos from the incident here.

Sunderland's John O'Shea Shamed by Cheeky Chelsea Mascot

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    Poor John O'Shea might struggle to ever trust an opposition mascot again, after what this cheeky Chelsea chappie did to him prior to Saturday's Premier League game.

    With O'Shea expecting the pre-match pleasantries to go off without a hitch, the mascot embarrassed his more experienced opponent with a move straight from the school ground.

    O'Shea got the last laugh, though, helping Sunderland to a 2-1 win that put a real dent in Chelsea's title ambitions.

Diego Mainz Scores Emphatic Own Goal Against Sevilla

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    It would not be a true blunders-of-the-week column without a brilliant own goal to laugh about.

    This time the unfortunate culprit is Granada's Diego Mainz, who beat his goalkeeper with an emphatic finish to give Sevilla the lead at the weekend.

    Look at that for a pinpoint touch.

Paulao Simply Cannot Continue After Unfortunate Own Goal

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    OK, we'll give you another own goal to delight in.

    This one from Paulao we particularly like, because after gifting Rayo Vallecano the goal—and getting thanks from Robert Trashorras—the Real Betis defender decides he just can't continue, that he simply must be substituted.

    Curious timing, that.

Jamie Hamill Earns Red Card After Bizarre Challenge on Opposing Manager

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    This is a truly bizarre red card to receive. Hearts' Jamie Hamill had just converted a penalty against Ross County, before celebrating it by running up the touchline and barging straight past County boss Derek Adams, knocking the poor man to the floor.

    Hamill, who hardly seemed to care about what he had just done, was duly shown a second yellow card for the incident—earning him his marching orders.

    The hosts nevertheless went on to win the game 2-0, although Hamill will likely have to answer some questions about his conduct.

    "To be fair, there were too many bodies in front of me so it'd be difficult to pass comment on it," Hearts boss Gary Locke told BBC Scotland after the game.

    Sounds like a variation on the old Arsene Wenger excuse to us.