Will The WWE Allow Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase to Ascend to Greatness?

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIJune 21, 2009

Much like Randy Orton was long ago destined for greatness, the same can be said of his young children.

Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase were cut from a similar mold and are being re-born, raised, and bred by the industry's top Superstar. The combination of such factors playing in their favor should easily combine to make this duo one of the most formidable in the WWE today.

Shouldn't it?

The Legacy has been the victim of much unwarranted criticism in terms of their development and progression.

That criticism however is more a result of ignorance than it is any bias or hate. I don't think that anyone is out to get Legacy, they just have short attention spans.

When it comes to Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, they are no further behind in Legacy than Randy Orton was in Evolution at this stage of the group's development.

Not only that, but they are not being used much differently than Orton was when Triple H used him as a tool required to retain the World Heavyweight Championship all those years ago.

However, a group consisting of three is a bit different than a group consisting of four.

Due to sheer numbers and stable-construction, Evolution was able to see Randy Orton ascend to Intercontinental Championship level as his underling, Dave Batista was confined to the fill the role of being one of two bodies that would capture the World Tag Team titles.

Without question, it was Randy Orton who was destined to evolve earlier so it was only fitting that he captured the World Heavyweight Championship before Batista did.

With Legacy, you only have two men working under their leader.

What that means is that you cannot have one of them win the United States Championship while both of them are qualified to do so.

It would be illogical to leave one of the two out of the spotlight and that is why this duo is destined to capture the Unified Tag Team Championship.

That is, if the WWE wants to make use out of this Super-Stable they've constructed.

Especially when the Tag Team division is as weak as it has ever been in recent years, now more than ever is the perfect time to allow the best duo to capture what should have been theirs long ago.

Carlito and Primo are a talented pair for sure, they're just not relevant.

Skill can only get you so far and with the persona's that these two gentlemen possess, they are out of their league's when dealing with Legacy.

Right now, all of the right pieces are in place.

A factor that will work in Legacy's favor is one that many people probably wouldn't think of.

That would be the introduction of their new theme music last week.

The "Priceless" theme was good (albeit ever-evolving) but never struck me as a "great" theme song.

Entrance music is absolutly vital in this day and age.

Legacy's theme song titled "New Day" or "New Generation" by Adelitas Way will help set the tone for their level of dominance that should be on full display in the very near future.

If your interested, the clearest version of the song I've heard to date can be found on YouTube right here...


Call me an optimist but I see great things coming for Legacy.

The first step will be the results of their Unified Tag Team title match at The Bash.

But as any great Ortonite would be able to tell you, Rhodes and DiBiase has a much more important task ahead of them.

So long as Randy Orton walks out of Monday Night Raw as the WWE Champion, everything else will fall into place as the construction of what will become Pro Wrestling's next great stable will have taken it's next step towards evolution.