TNA Impact Wrestling: Complete Preview, Rumors, News and More for April 24

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Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling is the go-home show for the Sacrifice pay-per-view on Sunday, April 27, and the company will book an outstanding broadcast to help conjure up interest in the event.

The desire to sell the PPV will result in an excellent episode of Impact Wrestling.

With new TNA world heavyweight champion Eric Young already announced in a mandatory rematch against Magnus at Sacrifice, via, how the two men interact and what the former champion has to say will make this an interesting Thursday night.

Add the in-ring return of Kurt Angle, the bitter battle of Austin Aries vs. MVP and the tag team match between Bobby Roode and James Storm against Bully Ray and Gunner, and this will be a stellar go-home show.

Here is all the vital viewing information for Impact Wrestling and a full preview.

Where: Universal Studios, Orlando, Fla.

When: Thursday, April 24, at 9 p.m. ET (pre-taped)

Watch: Spike TV

Eric Young, Magnus and the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Few wrestling fans can honestly say they predicted Eric Young was going to become the world champion on the road to Sacrifice, but that is the reality of the situation. TNA has done a great job booking him to look strong, but there is still uncertainty surrounding his ability to carry the company as a champion.

Young’s first night as champion may have featured an excellent title defense against Abyss, but according to PWInsider, via Wrestling Inc., the ratings for last week’s Impact Wrestling suffered a huge drop.

Regardless of why the company put the title on Young, the drop in numbers should be a serious concern. Those making the booking decisions for TNA will be watching the ratings for this Thursday’s episode closely.

Question on Everybody’s Mind: What Will Magnus Say After His Loss?

While there is no question that Magnus was booked horribly during his run with the world title, he made the most out of every opportunity given to him. Not only does Magnus have the ideal look of a top heel champion, but he is also very talented in the ring and has serious upside at only 27 years old.

Magnus has not spoken on TV since losing the title to Young, and Thursday will be his chance to vent his frustration. With TNA fans watching and the company trying to sell the PPV, Magnus has the chance to prove his worth on the mic and earn back his title.

The former champion still has unfinished business with both Young and Abyss, so wrestling fans should expect to see a showdown between the champion and the No. 1 contender as well as a possible blow-off match between Magnus and Abyss.

Hype Meter: 4 out of 5 PPV Title Changes

There is no discounting how entertaining Young is, but giving him the world title in such a short period of time was the wrong move. The hope is that the company sees the error of its ways and gives the title right back to Magnus at Sacrifice.

Just as Chris Sabin dropped the title shortly after winning, so should Young.

As short as his run with the title would be, his character would have instant credibility as a former world champion. Young is entertaining enough to not need the belt around his waist, but Magnus, who is trying to get over as a top star, needs the gold.

Let’s hope Magnus gets his first clean title victory at Sacrifice.

TNA News: Eric Young and Magnus Talk Sacrifice World Title Match on Ring Rust Radio.

Kurt Angle, Austin Aries and More Sacrifice Build

One of the best wrestlers of all time is former world champion and Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle. After undergoing knee surgery and missing several weeks of action, Angle made his triumphant return to Impact Wrestling last week.

Not only is the legend booked in a singles match against Rockstar Spud on Thursday, but he is also booked in a tag team match with Willow against ECIII and Spud at the Sacrifice PPV.

It is now TNA’s job to sell wrestling fans that this is a good use of Angle.

Question on Everybody’s Mind: Will Austin Aries Get the Push He Deserves?

After several weeks of being left off television, former world champion Austin Aries returned to TNA last Thursday to challenge MVP. Aries crossed MVP during the build to Lockdown, and the two men now get a chance to steal the show with a great singles match.

Despite MVP’s position as director of wrestling operations, Aries should be the man who is victorious in this match. Aries is one of the biggest draws on Impact Wrestling, and the product suffers without him.

This Thursday’s show should be the start of a big push for Aries.

Hype Meter: 4 out of 5 Classic PPV-Build Tag Team Matches

One of the best parts of TNA each week is the commitment to telling stories. One of the most basic stories to tell on a go-home episode of a wrestling show is the classic tag team match consisting of the men involved in two singles matches on the card.

Bobby Roode and James Storm vs. Bully Ray and Gunner fits that mold to perfection.

With Roode squaring off against Bully Ray in a Tables match and Gunner battling Storm in an "I Quit" match, pitting the two faces against the two heels is the perfect way to give the fans a taste of what they can expect on Sunday.

Add the Knockouts Division madness, the hype for the X Division Championship match and the rest of the build to Sacrifice, and this week’s Impact Wrestling will be a can’t-miss episode.

TNA Rumors: Some Current Wrestlers Unhappy with Recent Booking, per PWInsider Elite, via Wrestling Inc.

For more wrestling talk, listen to Ring Rust Radio for all of the hot topics or catch the latest episode in the player below (some language NSFW).


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