Kid Drills Home Run While Being Intentionally Walked

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We’ve found the real-life “Casey at the Bat,” only this one doesn’t miss.

What do you do when your opponent has men in scoring position and the biggest, baddest batter in town at the plate? You walk him. Plain and simple, right?

Not so fast.

This scenario played out at a recent youth league baseball game to less-than-predictable results. Facing runners on base and a hulking man-child at the plate, this young pitcher did the sensible thing and attempted to intentionally walk the batter.

He nearly achieved his goal—that is, until Goliath reached across the plate and smashed a three-run homer.

David Covucci of (some language NSFW) spotted video of the intentional-walk home run. The pitcher kept his first two pitches to the outside, but threaded a third too close to the plate. 

No one else would’ve went for the ball—except this young man, who extended across the plate and crushed the high pitch over the left-field fence.

Prior to the run, the parents in the stands did their best to foreshadow the coming events. They spoke of the young man’s prowess in hushed tones, applauding the opposition for doing the intelligent thing and walking mini Mark McGwire.

“Smart move,” said one fan. “They might as well...the kid’s a monster.”

The fans then tried a different tact, encouraging the batter to swing.

“You can reach that, kid,” said a female fan. “You can reach that.” 

And reach he did. 

No. 23 swung and crushed it deep, thus solidifying his place in the Hall of Youth League Heroes. 

Perhaps one day we’ll see this kid playing major league ball. It’s possible—then again, we’ll see how he fares once the rest of the field goes through puberty.

Until then, young pitchers might have to start throwing at this kid’s shoelaces. It could be the only way to limit him to a single base.


Mighty Casey doesn’t do walks.

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