Zahi's Notes: Football Live...From Mars!

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Zahi's Notes: Football Live...From Mars!

Dear Diary,

Well, it seems this round planet doesn't fit all of us anymore. Space shuttles are  roaming the space for another planet where life can exist.

There has been water on Mars, and perhaps life. Who knows? Maybe we will go there someday and enjoy a unique life that is different—to say the least—from our parents' lives.

I can picture it now—football, live all the way from Mars! Stadiums, groundsmen and footballers on the top of the red planet.

Imagine football clubs playing head-to-head on Mars. Then international tournaments will be divided into three categories:

1) The current countries of Earth with the new "Earth World Cup" taking place,

2) The countries of Mars playing each other in the new "Mars World Cup", and

3) Champion of Earth v. Champion of Mars, the "derby".

And if we find life on Mars, then we can teach the new-found creatures football and it will be a human versus alien match all the way from Mars. That would be interesting...and weird!

But the question remains—if this hypothesis is to be proved valid with time, who will live on Mars?

I imagine the earth will turn into the Africa of planets and Mars, as the new home will turn into the industrialized, American-European, literally-outside-the-world dream.

But wouldn't it be fantastic? It would definitely be a change!

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