Generous Dana White Gives Out 3 Fight Of The Night Awards! Via Twitter

Margus LCorrespondent IJune 21, 2009

Master Dana is indeed a very generous man - he gave out 3 fight of the night honors according to his twitter blog:

Nate and joe fight just startd. Sick 1st round!

Great round 3 of diaz stevenson!

Just startd the ross vs. Andre fight!

U guys have to see the lytle\burns fight!

Johnson/wilkes fight is awesome!

Guida/sanchez HOLY FUKN SHIT!

Sanchez/guida! Dont miss the fight!!

We gave 3 fight of the night bonuses tonight!!

So no more trash talk about fighters unions and how guys are under paid, OK? "King D" is very generous to his servants indeed!

I was also twitteringabout how great UFC is - so check it out the following pages (my tweets are nowhere near the importance to put on the same page with my master)

TUF Finale: winner vs pearson great fight - dana white also on twitter:

Stevenson won, I should be happy ;)

TUF 10 Final - Stevenson Diaz was great fight - lots of grappling. Joe much improved since his last loss to Diego

Andre Winner is my pick - how can you not pick a guy with a name like that to win The Utlimate figher reality show

I hope Winner is ahead after those 2 rounds

got fight! gotta get that - on kindle

need blood - i gotta look up that ufc 99's struve fight against stojcic

looks like another decision - master will be happy - 2 exciting fights

sh*t winner lost decision - decisions are for suckers

at least we got blood

Also - check out Bellator on ESPN Deportes right now - 1st fight was crazy - Moraes via amazing triangle choke

UFC 100 definately a Must Buy!

UFC's Kevin Burns next - hopefully he will not poke eyes this time

It's been a great MMA weekend - Strikeforce challengers yesterday, UFC The Ultimate Fighter TUF 9 Finale tonight with Bellator Championship

Who's Lytle? Isn't he the guy who lost to Matt Serra on #UFC #TUF show?

And #UFC #TUF fight starts with Lytle vs Burns - hopefully we will see a submission or at least some kind of stoppage

UFC's Kevin Burns can bang - I predict Lytle will have his lights out soon

Nice Burns dirty again

Burns needs to finish this fight #TUF Finale - Anthony Johnson is a monster in UFC - no shame in losing to that guy

ouch - Lytle hits the fence when his miss Burns

Another Kick to the Nuts by Burns

Lytle looks better 2nd round - possibly 1 round for both

we have blood #TUF #UFC love it

Lytle needs to go for the kill now - Burns looks to lose another 3rd round #UFC fight in #TUFFinale

another bloody decision #UFC #TUF Finale

hate guys like Burns, Gurgel who have BJJ black belts in #UFC but never try a submission in a fight. IDIOTS!

Brilliant #TUF Finale by #UFC: 3 fights 3 decisions

At least we got blood in #UFC #TUF Finals - if not for that I would think I am watching boxing matches right now

Dana White really liked Burns/Lytle fight - probably Fight of Night #FOH in #TUF Finale

Brock Lesnar starts to look as stupid as Frank Mir

I guess every #UFC HW Champ needs to have goatee - who am I to argue with the big boys

I hope Wilks loses

Demarques must win against the cheat:

DeMarques Johnson needs to stop the bloody brits in #TUF #UFC Finals - at least one for America!

DeMarques sounds a bit like my name :+)

#UFC beats #IranElection soon - lets get ready to fight!

Kimbo in #UFC #TUF - best thing evah!

America needs a stoppage in this #UFC #tuf 9 final fight - Welterweights

Gentlemen this is it - BRING IT ON!!!

Good start for Wilks

Go Johnson GO \!


Darn - Wilks might be just to good for Johnson #UFC (said it 20 seconds before the end of round 1)

Wilks deserved it 100% Congrats for #UFC Contract and #TUF 9 Win!

i wonder when cameron dollar fights next in #UFC - not much talent from America in this #TUF - Brits took totaly over season 9

#Tapout 9 seconds before the end of 1st round #UFC #TUF Finale

Yes - even that other brit was close to beatin Johnson

Me a bit sad - both my #TUF picks lost in #UFC: DeMarques Johnson via submission and Andre Winner via decision

When is Nick Osipczak vs. Frank Lester fight?

TUF Updates: I'm glad Nick Osipczak defeats Frank Lester via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Round 1

TUF Updates: Wow - Jason Dent can fight: Jason Dent defeats Cameron Dollar via Submission (Anaconda Choke) Round 1

I hope they start to show undercards soon - damn those decisions have taken all the TV time away

Diego Sanchez won the 1st Ultimate Fighter season Along with forrest griffin - who just wrote book Got Fight?

Diego looks different than usual

Diego is going to win again - he has that killer look in eyes he had in #TUF 1

The Ultimate Fighter Season 9 Final Main Event is starting

I want to pull Clay Guidas hair - just yank in the fight

Someone's nightmare is about to begin

Diego is awesome

Time to end decisions for huggy bear

HUGGIE BEAR takes down Diego - F*CK!

looks to become another bloody good fight in UFC

 Go Diego - good takedown

clay guida - chiacago bears fan hehe

Round 1 Diego Sanchez - Round 2 Clay Guida - are we gonna have another decision in TUF 9 Finale?

Plenty of blood in UFC lol

diego wins if he can stuff takedowns

oh no - sub attem failed by diego :(

looks like split decision

Diego deserved the win :)

Diego likes blood - just like me

UFC Ultimate Fighter Finale over, Rogan quite funny stand up

That's it folks - my first twitter coverage of UFC - I must thank Master for this awesome opportunity!!!

Dana Whites twitter page:

My twitter page (follow me for further fight night coverages):


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