Adam Rose Will Wear out His Welcome on WWE Main Roster

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistApril 19, 2014


On the March 6 episode of WWE NXT, Adam Rose burst onto the scene in spectacular fashion with a unique party-boy entrance.


Chants of “that was awesome” filled Full Sail University in Florida, rendering his ensuing match meaningless. The audience was sold on his crowd-surfing routine that was rife with strange characters.

A star was born.

As fun to watch as Adam Rose is, and as much potential as he has, his entrance alone is doomed to create a monster. During a recent vignette, Rose shared the screen with a mascot bunny rabbit. The bunny was despondent following a loss during Hungry Hungry Hippos.

“Don't be a lemon. Be a Rosebud, 'cus it's party time all the time!” said Rose to a now re-energized bunny—no pun intended.

This served as a microcosm of what Adam Rose will be: a charismatic star who will need elements of his entrance to keep your attention.

Entrances can only do so much in WWE, especially the WWE of today, where once something stops trending on Twitter it is in danger of becoming extinct.

A mistake many fans make is judging talent based on whether or not they can be a main eventer. In the super-capitalist alternate universe of WWE, main eventers are the exception to the rule.

Sure, WWE is built on top stars. It's equally built, however, on the field of mid-to-low card talents who lose to them while finding their niche. The majority of stars best be concerned if they can play a role.

Luckily for Rose, he can play the hell out of a role. He's the fun-loving party guy who will bring crowds to their feet by offering comic relief.

But the same can be said about Fandango, and he's one more Triple H promo from being repackaged.

The best example of a gimmick of this nature having longevity was the Godfather, but that was during the Attitude Era when business was so hot everything had longevity—even the Headbangers.

During his WrestleMania feud with Daniel Bryan, Triple H accused fans of wanting to be a part of something before quickly moving on.

As fun as this party is at the moment, Rose fits the description of something fans love before moving on. He's destined to be another cautionary tale of the era of social media fandom.


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