This Day In Wrestling History

Chris JeterContributor IJune 20, 2009

On this day, June 20, 1997, the duo of Bubba Ray and D-Von the Dudley Boyz defeated the Eliminators to capture the ECW World Tag Team Championships.

This title matchup was actually became a handicap match when Perry Saturn was injured and couldn't team up with tag team partner John Kronus. The injury actually took place on May 31, 1997 when the Eliminators faced the Dudleys and PG-13 in a three way dance. Saturn tore his ACL after a kick to Big Dick Dudley. Saturn would later undergo reconstructive. Saturns rehab time was scheduled to be at least a full year.

This would only be the the beginning for the Dudleys. Their lengthy feud would give them their first two ECW World Tag Straps. They wore the Extreme Tag Gold a total of 8 times, the most in the history of the belt. They would go on to institutionalize the TLC match in WWE with Edge, Christian, and both Matt and Jeff Hardy. They have won more world tag team gold together than anyone else in the WWE (Edge had 7 with Christian 5 with Chris "he who shall not be named" Benoit[twice], Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton, and Hulk Hogan)

And the rest I guess is history.