The Good, the Great and the Awesome from NXT 4/17/14

Erik BeastonFeatured ColumnistApril 18, 2014

The Good, the Great and the Awesome from NXT 4/17/14

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    New tag teams, "Prince Pretty" and fighting BFFs were just a few of the highlights of this week's NXT, exclusively on the WWE Network.

    With The Ascension's dominance over the tag team division in the developmental system running rampant, newcomers Tye Dillinger and Jason Jordan set out to prove themselves as potential contenders to the gold as they knocked off Baron Corbin and Sawyer Fulton. Would it be enough to catch the attention of the tag team champions or are Viktor and Konor too busy focusing on hurting people?

    Bo Dallas promised that his Bo Movement would never end while cracks began to show in the foundation of the BFFs, Sasha Banks and Charlotte.

    Adrian Neville narrowly snatched victory from the jaws of defeat, but Brodus Clay will likely come back angrier and more motivated than ever. That could very well spell doom for Neville's title reign.

    With another action-packed episode of NXT in the books, here is a look back at the very best of the April 17 episode.

The Good

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    Colin Cassady vs. Aiden English

    The never-ending feud between Cassady and English continued this week with English scoring another win over the big man. 

    The match was well-wrestled, and Tom Phillips offered up a gem on commentary as he mentioned the fact that English repeatedly targets the left knee of Cassady in every match they wrestle.

    The only problem with the bout is that both competitors feel as if they are stuck on a treadmill.

    Their feud has stretched on for months and neither has gained or lost anything from it. Rather than advancing upward, they remain exactly where they were when it started. That benefits no one and only makes for boring and stale television.


    A New Tag Team Emerges

    Yes, Tye Dillinger and Jason Jordan have the feel of a rather generic babyface tandem, but at this point, NXT is in desperate need of new teams to step up and challenge The Ascension for the tag titles.

    Their win over Baron Corbin and Sawyer Fulton was a fun and energetic one, and a few more wins should position them in the tag title hunt.

    Corbin and Fulton also impressed. They are two big guys that favor power offense and, with a better presentation (matching outfits, perhaps a name), they could be a force in the tag division as well.


    Adrian Neville vs. Brodus Clay

    The chemistry was a bit off between Neville and Clay during Thursday's main event, but the finish of the match ensures that a rematch will occur. Hopefully by that point, they will have things ironed out.

    Brodus was excellent as the dominant heel that wore Neville down and nearly took the win on several occasions. Unfortunately, it was when he was asked to keep up with some of the NXT champion's offense that his weaknesses were exposed.

    There is potential for a great match between the two, especially if they follow some of the more tried and true big man vs. little man formulas, like the one perfected by Sting and Vader, but they will have to learn to work a match that favors both competitors' strengths rather than highlighting their shortcomings.

The Great

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    Dissension Within the BFFs

    Weeks of Sasha Banks' losing ways finally played into a storyline this week as her relationship with Charlotte began to show cracks. The second-generation Diva's snide remarks towards Banks visibly upset the Boston native and created tension between them.

    Charlotte claimed that it was time for the BFFs to start winning and that she was the one to do it.

    With Paige and Emma moving up to the main roster and Summer Rae already there, the NXT Divas roster is going to be in flux over the coming months and weeks. A rivalry between Sasha and Charlotte could be just what it needs to help stabilize it while waiting for some of the other ladies to debut on television.


    Tyler Breeze

    Sure, "Prince Pretty" only appeared for a minute during a backstage interview with Devin Taylor, but the segment drew a laugh from this writer, so it worked.

    Taylor asking him if he had anything to say and Breeze responding by saying, "I just thought this episode needed someone gorgeous."

    The line was brilliant and highlighted some of the subdued comedy that makes the character work as well as it does.


    Delusional Bo

    Devin Taylor found herself involved in the third great promo of the evening as she spoke with former NXT champion Bo Dallas.

    As delusional as ever, Dallas chalked the fans' refusal to occupy NXT with him on last week's show to their law-abiding nature and unwillingness to break the rules. He then promised, "My drive to win the NXT Championship will not die and neither will the Bo Movement."

    Everything great about Bo Dallas was on display in that promo.

The Awesome

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    The Great Khali vs. CJ Parker

    There's only one "awesome" coming out of this week's show, and it comes from the most unlikely source.

    The idea of Great Khali vs. CJ Parker is not an appealing one. To anyone. But Thursday night, they delivered a match that accomplished exactly what it set out to, and a large part of that is thanks to Parker, who is beginning to find his footing as a villain.

    The pre-match promo he cut about wondering what the planet would be like without the NXT Universe was excellent and put over the issues he has with the fans he performs in front of.

    The way that he sold the offense of Khali was masterful, and the leap into the air that he took during the Punjabi Plunge made the move look that much more impressive.

    While there was very little substance to the match itself, the performance by Parker is one that, should he succeed in NXT and eventually make it to the main roster in WWE, will be looked back upon as one of his defining moments in the developmental brand.

    It's highly underrated and worth a second watch.