Does Charlie Batch Have a Future with the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Bob MarleyCorrespondent IJune 20, 2009

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Charlie Batch scrambles from the pocket against the Miami Dolphins during the NFL's 2006 opening game on September 7, 2006 at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  The Steelers won 28 - 17.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

Charlie Batch is a fan favorite in Pittsburgh

Batch is also the man behind Ben Roethlisberger who gives him tips to follow during a game. With that being said, Batch, 34, is growing older and more injury prone. The Steelers know and expect Batch to retire within the next few years, because they drafted Dennis Dixon last year.

Given the previous history of the Steelers including former players after they retire in their organization, the same could, and should, be said about Batch. Due to his knowledge of the offense, the quarterback position, and the players, he could easily become a position coach for the team.

Within the next five years, look for Batch to retire and become Roethlisberger's quarterbacks coach. It all makes sense when you think about it. The Steelers love Batch, and Batch loves the Steelers. Even right now, Batch acts more like a coach than a backup.

Depending on how you look at it, Batch staying with the Steelers over a long period of time could make the team better. It would be nice to call Batch coach. 

Who knows, even Batch probably doesn't know. 

As a Steelers fan, I know one thing, though: Charlie Batch is here to stay, always being a Steeler at heart.